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Darbhanga. The Vice Chancellor of Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University, Prof. Shashinath Jha, the registrar of his own university, Prof. The allegations raised by Satyendra Narayan Singh on Thursday and Friday and the questions raised on the system have been rejected outright. After the message made by the Registrar on various WhatsApp groups on Thursday, Vice Chancellor Prof. Shashinath Jha issued a letter stating that by giving an application for (Duty Leave) DL, the Registrar is out of the headquarters for a month. In between, they came on 28 to 30 April. Till now the budget for the session 2022-23 has not been released. To take the pending examinations of 2021, the examination can be organized either by agreement with the old data center. Or the examination can be conducted by issuing tenders for answer sheets, which are passed by the purchase committee. But the Registrar is not ready for either of the above two tasks. In such a situation, the examinations are being interrupted. Ayurveda exam has been taken in 2020 and before. The tenure of the data center is approved till the examination of 2020. A high level committee was constituted to examine the validity of the enrollment of 29 students of Ayurveda First Professional. In whose report it has been held valid. Ignoring it and calling it illegal by the Registrar is not fair.

The Vice Chancellor has made it clear in the letter that the letter from the government was sent to the university regarding financial irregularities. That letter was sent to the Registrar by the Vice Chancellor on March 5, 2022. The reply to the letter related to financial irregularities sent by the government was sent by the Registrar to the government on March 15, 2022 itself. The allegation of passing the expelled student in Ayurveda examination is baseless. No student was expelled. Only that shift exam was cancelled. which was held later.

The Registrar had said this on Thursday

Please inform that on Thursday, Registrar Prof. Satyendra Narayan Singh, in his message issued on the WhatsApp group of university officials, affiliated and affiliated colleges, had said that the result of Ayurveda examination has been issued under forgery. After the end of the contract with the data company, in what situation the exam results were released. A show cause notice was issued by the government to the Vice Chancellor several months ago, whose reply has not been sent to the government yet. In this situation, it has been told by the government, now the amount of grant will not be sent to the university. The Vice-Chancellor will be responsible for this.

Now the Vice Chancellor has released the video, said – I had caught 10 students doing misconduct

Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Siddharth Shankar Singh released a video on Friday saying that in the examination of Ayurveda, I had caught 10 examinees at the examination center with printed chit for misconduct. All 10 students were handed over to the center superintendent. The information was also given to the Vice-Chancellor. Even after this the arrested students were not expelled. Instead of expelling the students, that day’s examination was cancelled. Later the examination of the said subject was conducted. All the procedures were done against the rules. The Vice Chancellor is defending one side.


Edited By: Jagran