Shanghai, Reuters. The authorities of Shanghai have further tightened the lockdown implemented due to Corona in the city. The residents of the city are facing a shortage of food and drink due to the lockdown implemented more than a month ago. The investigation continues in China’s capital Beijing. The outskirts of Shanghai, with a population of 25 million, are busy preventing new cases. In some areas, authorities have ordered people to stay in their residential premises.

Bad effects of harsher covid restrictions

In Beijing, Shanghai and dozens of other big cities across China, stricter COVID restrictions are taking a toll on people’s mood. According to the news agency ANI, the National Health Commission said on Sunday that 319 cases of corona were confirmed in China on Saturday, out of which 215 are from Shanghai. 44 cases have been found in Beijing, 25 in Henan. In Shanghai, 3,760 asymptomatic cases of local infection were found and eight people died.

Kovid-19 is taking a serious form in Shanghai. The daily cases coming to the fore are having a deep impact on the health system. The strict lockdown in Shanghai to prevent the virus is now emerging as a big problem for the people. People are running out of food and essentials amid the city’s biggest Covid outbreak. All residents have been confined to their homes, with strict restrictions imposed on grocery shopping and even for essential reasons.

Edited By: Ashish Rajput