Jagran Correspondent, Sahibganj : Borio MLA Lobin Hembram said that confusion is being created due to the words of Chief Minister Hemant Soren. Earlier in the House, he had said that local and planning policy could not be made on the basis of Khatian of 1932. Now they are saying that the government is moving towards making local policy and planning policy on the basis of 1932. If the Chief Minister does this, thank him or else he will continue to agitate for his demands, Lobin Hembram was talking to reporters in the local council on Wednesday.

MLA Lobin said that the promise of making local and planning policy on the basis of Khatian of 1932 was included in the manifesto of the party. Before making the local and planning policy on the basis of 1932 Khatian, the government should cancel the local and planning policy made by the Raghuvar Das government. CNT and SPT Act should be strictly implemented in the state. Due to this act, the land of tribals is being looted. He said that the mountains are being destroyed. Most of the stone quarries are running in the hilly land. Those who have land are living in huts and the miners have built big palaces there.

A policy should be made that Paharia should get 50 percent share in the profits from stone quarries. For this he will chuckle. Non-participating stone quarries will be closed. After the membership of Hemant Soren and Basant Soren, on the discussion of many names for the Chief Minister, he said that he is the real disciple of Guruji. The membership of the Chief Minister has not expired yet. This will be discussed after membership expires. The marriage of tribal girls to non-tribals is wrong. On marrying non-tribals, government facilities should be withdrawn from them. He said that the work of dumping garbage in Ghoghi would be stopped. No development work has been done there so far.

Edited By: Gautam Ojha