Durga Puja: Guarded on 350 WhatsApp groups, if rumors are spread, there will be jail, 74 places in the city are highly sensitive regarding security

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In view of the main road disturbances on June 10, the police-administration does not want any lapse on the security arrangements in the festivals. There are strict arrangements for Durga Puja starting after 5 days. 74 places including Main Road, Ratu Road, Chutia, Nagdi, Mandar have been kept in the High Sensitive Zone, so that anti-social elements cannot dare to carry out any untoward incident. A special plan has been made for strictness on social media. SSP Kishor Kaushal has guarded 350 WhatsApp groups. The names and mobile numbers of all the group administrators have been listed and kept in the police station. If anyone posts an objectionable post, then the WhatsApp group admin will have to immediately inform the police.

After this, action will be taken on the member who posted. If the admin does not give the information, then the person who posted along with him will be sent to jail. At the same time, 4 drones will keep an eye on the activities of the city during Navratri. A meeting of the Central Peace Committee was held on Tuesday under the chairmanship of DC Rahul Kumar Sinha.

Soldiers will be deployed by dividing the pandals into 3 categories

Drones will keep an eye like this in 4 zones

1. High Sensitive Point marked from Ekra Masjid to Dhurva via Doranda. 2. From Ekra Masjid via Sarjana Chowk to Shaheed Chowk, Ratu Road, Pandara. 3. From Badgai to Bandhagadi, via Kokar to Chutiya via Kantatoli. 4. Kanke, Ratu, Chanho, Mandar and other sensitive places adjacent to the city.

If molested, devotees will be able to call on the number 94317-00003

The SSP said that there are also complaints like molestation during the crowd in the puja. Strictness is taken regarding this. Policemen in plain clothes will keep an eye on the miscreants. In case of any such problem, devotees can call the helpline number 94317-00003.

(Note – Drone flying teams will continuously report while traveling through vehicles)

If loudspeaker is played in louder voice then action

The Deputy Commissioner said that according to the Noise Pollution Act 2005, if loudspeaker or DJ is played at a sound more than the prescribed decibel, then action will be taken by the administration.

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