BEIJING (Reuters). China is furious with the Enforcement Directorate/ED’s action on Chinese-owned mobile company Saomi. China has also tried to target India through its mouthpiece Global Times. In fact, Global Times has tried to surround India on the allegations leveled against the ED by the officials of the Saomi company. It said that India should not have misbehaved with the officials, it should be stopped. Let us tell you that the Saomi company has accused the ED of misbehaving and assaulting them during the investigation. Not only this, the top official of the company has said in the court that during the interrogation, he was even threatened.

However, the ED has vehemently denied all the allegations leveled by the Saomi company. The investigating agency says that the mobile company has cleverly made such allegations. An attempt has been made to put India in the dock regarding this entire episode in the Opinion published in the Sunday edition of Global Times. It has also been said in this that India should stop such action against Chinese companies. It has even been said in this opinion that such action shows that India is deliberately tightening its screws against other foreign companies including China. Such an action can adversely affect the relations between the two countries.

Advising India in an opinion published in the Global Times, it has been said that India should try to strengthen ties with Chinese investors and maintain mutual dialogue, so that relations can remain cordial. According to Opinion published in the newspaper, despite the tension that emerged on the India-China border in the year 2020, many Chinese companies are trying to invest and increase. In this, regarding the restrictions imposed on many apps in China, it has been said that companies are worried about their security. More than 300 Chinese apps including Tik Tok have been banned in India. Apart from this, many stringent rules have also been made for investment.

Reuters news said that while the Global Times is the mouthpiece of the government, it does not necessarily reflect the thinking of officials and policymakers. On the other hand, the ED has not yet given any statement on this opinion published in the Global Times. It is worth noting that Saomi is the largest mobile company in India and it has a share of up to 24 percent in the market here. About 1500 employees of the company also work here. There has also been no statement from the company on this opinion of Global Times. In its action, the ED has also confiscated $72 million deposited in the Indian bank of the Chinese company.

Edited By: Kamal Verma