Moscow, ANI. Google, Twitter and Meta (Facebook) will face eight more legal complaints in Russia. It is alleged that the three internet media companies failed to remove the banned content from their platforms. A Moscow court has said that two cases against Google for not removing links and one for removing banned content. Google had to pay a fine of $52,000 in a similar case last year. Other cases are registered against Twitter and Facebook.

Russia also imposed fine in August

Earlier in August, a Moscow court had fined Alphabet Inc., Google Rs 40 lakh for violating Russia’s rules on banned content. At the same time, Russia in May fined US tech company Twitter Rs 9 crore for not removing banned content. Fines were fixed against him in six cases.

Strictness was taken in September also

In September, Russia made it mandatory for foreign Internet companies to open full-time offices in their country, taking strict steps towards controlling the Internet. Companies will have to collect data related to Russian citizens in their territory itself. Taking strictness, a Russian court fined American media companies Facebook and Twitter and messaging app Telegram for not removing illegal content. At that time, Facebook received a total of 2.1 million rubles (about Rs 2.12 crore) in five cases, Twitter in two cases totaled 5 million rubles (about Rs 50.49 lakh), and the messaging app Telegram also had a total of 90 million rubles (about Rs 90.88 lakh). fined.

In June this year, Russian authorities fined Facebook and Telegram apps for their alleged failure to remove banned content. A Moscow court fined Facebook 17 million rubles and Telegram 10 million rubles. Earlier on May 25, Russian authorities fined Facebook 26 million rubles for not removing content deemed illegal. In April, Telegram was fined 50 million rubles for not removing content that called for a demonstration.

Edited By: Monika Minal