Electoral effect on CG budget: Budget session to be held only after UP elections, role of Corona in shifting meeting

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The budget session of the Chhattisgarh Legislative Assembly will be called only after the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Speaker of the Assembly, Dr. Charandas Mahant himself has indicated this. However, he has also told the role of corona infection in shifting the time of the session.

Speaker Dr. Charandas Mahant, who reached the assembly on Swami Vivekananda Jayanti, said, often the budget session was called in February. Right now discussions have been held with the Chief Minister and the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs about this. Everyone agrees that this time, postpone it for as long as we can. We do not want to put our MLAs, Vidhansabha employees and officials in trouble until some relief is seen from Corona. Looks like we won’t be able to do it until February. This seems possible only in March. The Speaker said, “Many MLAs here want to go to the polls. Some have gone. Looking at that too, he will be waiting for his return and Corona to return. Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh have been announced. Elections are being held there in seven phases from January 14 to March 10.

UP’s responsibility to a large number of leaders

In the Congress, about 22 MLAs and former MLAs are being sent for the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. A team of 50 leaders-workers under the leadership of Congress National Secretary and Advisor to the Chief Minister Rajesh Tiwari is already training the organization in Uttar Pradesh. There is also talk of some MLAs and MPs going to the Uttar Pradesh elections from the BJP side. The party has also given a big responsibility to Rajya Sabha MP Saroj Pandey.

Mostly the assembly session is called in February only.

For the past several times, the budget session of the Vidhan Sabha has been called in February itself. The budget session of 2021 in the current government started from February 23. The budget session of 2020 ran from February 25 to March 26. The first session was held in January 2019 after the Congress government came to power in December 2018. Later on February 8, the actual commencement of the budget session took place. Both meetings were officially called a single session. This session lasted till March 1. In the previous government too, with a few exceptions, sessions have been called in February-March itself.


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