Washington, ANI: Tesla CEO Elon Musk has targeted US President Joe Biden through a tweet. He said it was wrong for Biden to think that he was chosen to change America. He won the presidential elections over his rival Donald Trump just because people wanted less drama.

A less divisive candidate would be better

Musk said in a tweet about the elections to be held in 2024 that he would be better a less divisive candidate in the 2024 election than former President Donald Trump. Still, I think Trump’s Twitter account should be reinstated. Recently, Musk called the decision to ban Trump’s Twitter account foolish.

Twitter’s decision about Trump wrong

Musk said Twitter’s decision to ban Trump was a mistake. He said that after the purchase of Twitter is complete, he will withdraw the permanent ban on Twitter on Donald Trump’s account. Let us tell you that Musk has made a deal of 44 billion dollars to buy Twitter. However, the deal is still subject to shareholder approval.

Trump banned after Capitol Hill violence

On January 6 last year, Twitter had put a permanent ban on Trump’s account after the miscreants forcibly entered the US Parliament House. At the same time, Trump said recently that he has no intention of returning to Twitter. In an interview with Fox News, Trump said that instead of going back to Twitter, he would focus on his own platform, Truth Social.

Edited By: Amit Singh