Elon Musk will no longer be the head of Twitter? Asked users- ‘Should I quit’

TechnologyElon Musk will no longer be the head of Twitter? Asked...
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Elon Musk Twitter: Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Monday put up a new poll for social media users in which he asked- ‘Should I leave the post of head of Twitter?’ Significantly, since Musk took charge of Twitter, he has laid off half of his employees and is constantly changing the policy of the social media platform.

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Meanwhile, he asked several questions through the poll. The first was whether he should ‘step down as head of Twitter’ and assured that he would follow up with the consequences. He then added- “Going forward, there will be voting for major changes in the policy. I apologize It will not happen again.”

Elon Musk’s New Twitter Poll

The poll received 6,515,177 votes within 9 hours after which the Tesla CEO tweeted another saying that users should be careful with their choices as they may turn out to be true. He tweeted, “As the saying goes, be careful what you wish for as you may get it.”

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Twitter suspends journalists who wrote about Musk

Significantly, a few days ago the accounts of some journalists covering Twitter and its new owner Musk were suspended. Neither the company nor Musk gave any explanation as to why they had taken such a step.

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Let us tell you that even before the journalists’ accounts were suspended, Musk had said on Wednesday that he would permanently suspend the account that automatically tracks the flights of his private jet using publicly available data. Along with this, Twitter also changed the rules to prevent sharing the current location of another person without their consent. After this he also announced that anyone who defames a person on Twitter will be suspended from Twitter for 7 days.

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