Employees’ strike: 15 out of 19 workers of Ramgarh are on strike, pending 12 thousand applications for making housing and caste certificates

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The revenue sub-inspectors of the district have been on strike since September 16 on the call of Jharkhand State Revenue Sub-Inspector Association. Due to this people are facing a lot of trouble in making caste, income, residential etc. certificates. Also the work of mutation is also pending. A total of 9 thousand residential certificates and 3 thousand income, caste certificates are pending in the district. At the same time, 51 mutation files are pending in Mandu block, 9 in Chitarpur, 8 in Dulmi, 25 in Gola, 12 in Patratu and 21 in Ramgarh.

If this is not taken care of soon, then the number of pending cases is expected to increase. It is said that there are 19 revenue employees in the district. In this 15 are involved in the strike, the other 4 have kept themselves away from the strike due to the near retirement.

The main demands include the implementation of the agreement with the state government on October 10, 2019, to increase the grade pay to 2800, to promote 50 percent of the senior revenue sub-inspectors on the basis of priority in the restoration of circle inspectors, 10 years of work experience in the examination to be conducted for promotion. For 5 years at the place, implementation of Revenue Protection Act, giving laptop, internet, oil cost of two wheelers to revenue sub-inspectors, restructuring the light unit, providing security during field visit, promotion to the posts of circle inspector without delay. There are demands for filling, linking revenue workers with old pension.

People are circling for residential certificate

Shankar Mahato, a resident of Kankebar, who arrived near Ramgarh area for residential certificate, said that my file is pending due to the strike of revenue employees. I am constantly circling the area. Even today I am lying empty handed. On the other hand, Munna Thakur, a resident of Saudagar Mohalla, said that caste certificate has to be made. Revenue employees are on strike, so I have come to meet the CO. But here it is learned that they have gone to the High Court. I’ll try to see you again on Thursday.

Movement strategy in support of 11 point demands

A meeting was held by the Jharkhand State Revenue Sub-Inspector Union District Unit near Ramgarh Block Headquarters. During this, a strategy was prepared to make the strike organized under the leadership of the state unit successful. Speakers said that our agitation is going on in support of the 11-point demands. He promised to continue the agitation till the demand is met. Along with this, the problems of the revenue employees of the district were also discussed. Patron Manju Ravidas, Bharat Sinha, Manoj Kumar, Suresh Mahli, Shubham Kumar, Sukhedav Kumar, Rajesh Kumar, Anand Kumar, Amit, Deepak, Sumit, Kanhaiya etc. were present on the occasion.

Alternative system will be restored soon: Additional Collector

Additional Collector Nelsam Ayon Bage said that there is information about the revenue employees going on strike. I will soon meet Deputy Commissioner Madhavi Mishra regarding this. In consultation with them, alternative arrangements will be restored in the district. So that the common people do not have to face trouble. Very important work will not be allowed to be interrupted.

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