Constipation is such a problem that can become the cause of many other diseases, so do not make the mistake of taking it lightly or relying on medicines for a long time to overcome it. If you have bloody stools, abdominal pain, burning after stool, and severe pain, contact your doctor without delay. Apart from this, there is another way by which chronic constipation can be removed, that is also very easy which is enema. By this action, by cleaning the intestines, many diseases that develop due to stomach inside the body can be prevented from growing. Along with the intestines, it also purifies the blood. Mouth ulcers caused by stomach upset also do not occur after this action. So let’s know in detail about the enema verb and other important things related to it.

what is anima

Enema is an Ayurvedic method used for intestinal cleansing. In this, oil is put inside the stool with the help of injection, which comes out slowly after staying inside for 6 to 8 minutes, due to which the old and hard stool stored inside the stomach comes out very easily. The enema method helps in deep and thorough cleansing of the intestines, which is essential for a healthy life.

Precautions During Enema

Enema is undoubtedly an easy and effective way to relieve constipation, but during this time you should also take some important precautions.

Before getting enema, khichdi, casserole, porridge or salad should be eaten in food and not heavy food.

After enema, similar light food should be taken. Khichdi is the best food in every way. Yes, you can eat roti, sabzi, dal the next day.

How many times can I do enema?

If you are very much troubled by constipation, then it can be done 2 to 3 in a month, because enema at one go does not have much benefit for many people. The intestines are not cleaned properly.

this treatment is free

Enema treatment is absolutely free in Ayurvedic hospitals. There will hardly be any Ayurvedic hospital where there is no enema facility and it is not free. It is also free in government hospitals. If it is not, then you can also complain about it.

Along with this, include these asanas in your routine.

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Edited By: Priyanka Singh