Jagran Correspondent, Patiala: With the intention of making people aware about the facilities available in government schools, the District Education Officer has started an initiative to make people aware through various mediums. Under this, while the DEO, BPEO and the school in-charge are going door-to-door to make parents aware, while going to theater intervals and parks, they are making people aware by putting mics and speakers. With this effort of the officials, the enrollment of about two thousand children has increased in primary classes as compared to last year. In the year 2021, where the number of children in the primary classes of the district was 67 thousand, it has increased to about 69 thousand this year. While the admissions are still going on.

Giving information in this regard, District Education Officer, Elementary Amarjit Singh said that there are about 940 primary schools in the district and out of these 929 are smart schools. These schools have better facilities than private schools and have more educated staff than private schools. Due to lack of awareness among the people regarding this, the admissions in government schools were less, due to which he started a campaign to make everyone aware of these facilities. Which also showed positive results. He informed that the admission drive is going on in the district even at this time. Along with taking the contact numbers of the persons wishing to enroll their children in government schools, he also directed them to note down their address and contact the concerned nearest school head for admission at home and give detailed information regarding facilities. Due to which the admission in the district is expected to increase further in the coming days.

Got 26 children admitted by going to the slum area

With the intention of making education accessible to every child and increasing the enrollment in government schools, the District Education Officers have also taken a new initiative by going to slum areas and admitting 26 out of school children in government schools. In this regard, District Education Officer, Elementary Amarjeet Singh said that the standard of education in government schools has increased significantly. Impressed by this, while the children of private schools are taking admission in government schools, the department is also fulfilling its responsibility towards the children by making parents aware about the facilities available in government schools through various mediums. Facilities available in Elementary Schools

– LKG UKG children’s education through play way method

– Learning with e-content and activities

– Modern laboratories

– Education Park

– Studied in Punjabi and English medium

– Free food and uniforms till class VIII

– Free studies and books from LKG to 12th

– digital classroom

– Special classes for weak and intelligent children

– Learning through LEDs and projectors

Books corners and book banks have been set up in schools from where children can take books as per their interest.

Mid-day meal facilities are also available for the students.

Edited By: Jagran