London, AP : Air traffic has resumed after a two-year ban on air travel due to Corona infection, but air travel has become uncertain. Due to the mismanagement and delays of European airports, air travel in Europe nowadays is nothing less than a nightmare. More and more people go to Europe during the summer holidays and it is the same this time, but due to the loss of jobs, reduced airport staff and prolonged closure of all airports during the Kovid-era, mismanagement is at its peak. Amsterdam or Athens, Paris or Milan, all international airports with long lines of passengers, no signboards to help, no clean toilets and canceled flights have left air travelers traveling around Europe in a tizzy. People stand in the security check lines for hours. Elderly, children all are included in these lines.

Every day booking of airline seats in excess of capacity

Morgan, who arrived in London from Australia, checked in online on Monday itself to save time and carried only one carrybag in her luggage. But many people are facing huge trouble at the airports. After standing in long queues for hours, flights are getting canceled and people’s belongings are being lost at the airport. Flights are being reduced at Schiphol, the busiest airport in the Netherlands. It is being told that every day more airline seats are being booked than the capacity. The security staff is unable to handle this crowd. Dutch airline KLM has apologized to such extra passengers this month. London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports have asked airlines to limit flights.

more than two thousand aircraft canceled

Affordable airline AgJet has already started curtailing thousands of summer flights to avoid last-minute cancellations. This month, more than 2,000 flights have been canceled at European airports in a single week. Out of this, 9 percent flights have been canceled in Schiphol alone. 376 flights have been canceled from UK airports. A large part of the airport was lined with unidentified baggage queues at Heathrow Airport last week. Due to less staff, there was no one to deliver this goods to the destination.

Due to this the airport had to cancel 10 percent flights and about five thousand passengers were affected due to this. Probably many passengers thought it better to travel without luggage and left their luggage at the airport itself. Passengers have to search for their own luggage and it is taking several hours. In this time of crisis, Air France pilots have threatened to go on strike.

Edited By: Piyush Kumar