Evening news brief: When the teacher was late in UP, the principal beat her with shoes, in Rajasthan, the mother-in-law publicly showered poles on the daughter-in-law who eats non-veg

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If you have missed any news in the rush of the day, then we have brought for you the Evening News Brief. In this, you will get all the important news of the country, abroad, business, sports and entertainment world, which you will be able to keep yourself updated by reading it in just 2 minutes.

1. After 7 days of marriage, the woman went to the market with her husband, when her lover came, she absconded with her.

After 7 days of marriage in Munger, Bihar, wife absconded with lover. When the husband tried to stop, he threatened her and went away sitting in Scorpio. The police have arrested the woman and her boyfriend Divyanshu. Moni and Vivek got married on June 14. After marriage, she was in the maternal home. On June 21, she came back to her in-laws’ house and asked her husband to go to the market to buy bangles. The love affair between the woman and her lover was going on for 6 years. The girlfriend had called the boyfriend on June 22 and asked him to take her along. After this the lover came and took away. The video of both of them escaping is going viral.

2. The passenger fell on the track, the railway employee saved his life by running 50 meters

Railway staff risked their lives to save the life of a man who fell unconscious on the railway track. He removed the man from the track by running 50 meters within a few seconds. A few moments later, a goods train passed from there. The matter is of Balichak railway station in West Bengal. Now the Railways has congratulated its employee by sharing the video of this bravery.

3. Rapper Raftaar will divorce his wife Komal, was dating for 5 years before marriage

Bollywood rapper Raftaar is going to divorce his wife Komal Vohra after 6 years of marriage. Both were living separately for the last few years. The divorce case was filed in the year 2020. But due to Corona, the hearing of the case continued to progress and now they will sign both the divorce papers on 6 October. Raftaar and Komal first met in 2011. The two got married in 2016 after dating each other for 5 years.

4. Mother-in-law and husband showered poles on the middle road to the daughter-in-law who eats non-veg

In Churu, Rajasthan, a mother-in-law beat up her daughter-in-law with sticks on the middle of the road. During this, the son was also supporting his mother. The victim daughter-in-law says that she is from Bihar and eats non-veg. Due to which her husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law threw her out of the house. As the dispute escalated, the mother-in-law and the husband brutally beat up the victim. In 2020, Preeti, a resident of Khagaria district of Bihar, was married to Dinesh, a kite trader from Churu. The victim has lodged a case against the in-laws in the police station.

5. When the teacher was late in UP, the angry principal hit him on the head with shoes, now suspended

In Lakhimpur Kheri, UP, when the female teacher reached 10 minutes late, the angry principal thrashed the teacher with her shoes. The principal of the primary school hit the teacher with 5 shoes on his head. The principal first abused the teacher, then started beating him. When the principal was misbehaving with the teacher, students were also there at that time. During this, the teachers present there also tried to stop the principal. At present, the accused principal Ajit Kumar has been suspended.

6. In Madhya Pradesh, a devotee of the mother cut her tongue and climbed into the temple.

In Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh, a 21-year-old girl cut her tongue and offered it to the temple. The girl is currently admitted in the hospital. It is not yet known why he did this. Villagers say that every day the girl comes to this temple of Goddess to offer prayers. His faith in Mother Goddess is unwavering. He must have taken such a step to please the goddess.

7. Video of SDM beating bike riders walking without helmet with sticks goes viral

In Chhapra, Bihar, a video of SDM Sahib hitting youths going on bikes without helmets with sticks is going viral. The matter is of June 20. On this day, various organizations took to the road regarding Bharat Bandh. This video of the beating has now surfaced. In the video, Marhaura SDM Yogendra Kumar had hit the road with the police force. The bike riders passing through the Taraiya area of ​​Chhapra were being stopped and interrogated. During this, the SDM Sahib himself was stationed with a log in his hand.

8. Angry young man climbed the tower due to lack of marriage, the power of the tower was cut off in a hurry

In Araria, a young man, angry with the marriage, climbed the high tension tower and started threatening to kill him. He said that get me married, otherwise I will jump from the tower, give my life. On this act of the young man, a crowd of people gathered there. Immediately the power to the tower was cut. Then he was persuaded and brought down. The young man has done such a thing many times before. The police, who reached the spot, took the youth into custody and then made a bond with the family members for not having a proper mental balance.

9. Nagpur: First arranged then love marriage, now woman eloped with third

In Nagpur, a woman first did an arranged marriage at the behest of the family. Then of her own free will do love marriage with another person and now she is living with third person. The matter came into the limelight when both the husbands of the woman reached the police demanding action against their wife and the third person. The woman has fraudulently done three marriages in 5 years, so the police is now talking of action against the woman. The woman also has a son from her first marriage.

10. In Bhopal, the traffic inspector went to Indore and shot the female SI, then committed suicide

Bhopal’s traffic inspector Hakam Singh Panwar committed suicide by shooting himself in the police control room of Indore. It is being told that he first shot a female sub-inspector, after which he himself gave his life. Female SI Ranjana Khande has been injured. Those who have been taken to a private hospital. Police officers have started investigating the matter. Police say that the matter is of love affair.

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