Excessive use of smartphones can increase the risk of blindness! Know what is the whole truth

TechnologyExcessive use of smartphones can increase the risk of blindness! Know...
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Health Tips: Recently, the case of a girl from Hyderabad is going viral on social media. He is said to have used the smartphone for a long time, which has temporarily lost his sight. At the same time, this incident is being mentioned a lot on social media.

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So let’s find out, does excessive use of smartphones lead to blindness? How does the screen harm the eyes? Let us tell you that due to excessive use of smartphone, there is a lot of impact on the eyes. This puts strain on the eye muscles and can cause eye pain, headache, dryness and blurred vision.

Often people do not blink while using the screen, which affects the health of the eyes and causes dryness. It can cause tingling, burning, blurred vision, and blurred vision. Using screens for too long can affect vision and increase sensitivity to light. This problem is increasing rapidly in today’s time.

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Can excessive use of smartphone make you blind?

According to research, no such case has come to the fore so far. Based on which it can be said that excessive use of smartphones, tablets or laptops can lead to temporary or permanent blindness. Excessive use of screens can cause vision loss and deteriorate the quality of vision. But it would be wrong to say that screen use can lead to permanent blindness.

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Smartphones can cause vision loss, which people mistake for temporary blindness. Excessive use of smartphones can lead to smartphone vision syndrome, which includes eye pain, burning, heaviness and dryness. Sometimes it’s hard to focus on things.

Why is it more dangerous to use a smartphone in the dark?

According to doctors, smartphones and laptops should not be used in the dark. This affects the eyes and more light goes inside the eyes. Apart from affecting the pupil of the eye, it also adversely affects the sleep cycle. Too much screen time can lead to poor posture, which can lead to back pain and sore throat. It is very important to be careful in such situations. You can also use the blue light filter on your phone.

take your eyes off the screen

Take a break from the screen once in a while.

The lighting of the room should be good.

– Don’t look at the screen in the dark.

Screen brightness should not be high.

– Do not put the screen near the eyes.

Always keep your posture correct while looking at the screen.

Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

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