Excise department caught 35 people in liquor case: 6 liquor traders and 29 drunkards involved

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The team of the Excise Department of Arwal district has arrested 6 liquor traders and 29 drinkers from different blocks in the liquor case by running a campaign. On the instructions of IG Madh Prohibition, a big campaign was conducted in the district, in which a team was constituted under the leadership of Product Inspector Sunil Kumar for raids, in which raids were conducted in different blocks along with the team by the Product Under Inspector Amresh Kumar and the police force of the Excise Department. During the operation, 35 people have been arrested.

The liquor prohibition law is in force in Bihar, despite this people are not deterring from selling and drinking liquor, despite the police cracking down on the liquor businessman in the district, the liquor business is not taking the name of stopping. Excise Superintendent Vijay Kumar said that 35 people have been arrested from different blocks of the district in the liquor case, in which 6 are liquor traders, the same 29 people were creating a ruckus under the influence of alcohol, who have been arrested with the arrested liquor traders. 10 liters of country liquor has been recovered from

Liquor businessman and drug addict caught in the hands of the police

Gulshan Kumar, Sunil Kumar, Dilip Paswan, Upendra Yadav, Ranjan Kumar and Baijnath Singh were arrested in the liquor business and sent to jail with 10 liters of country liquor. Raghubir Yadav, Ashok Singh, Shiv Sagar Paswan, Saroj Kumar, Vishwaranjan Kumar, Brahmdev Das, Pinku Chaudhary, Jairam Kumar, Shankar Mistry, Sudhir Kumar, Vijendra Rajvanshi, Naresh Pandit, Tevar Bind, Naresh Ram, who are making a ruckus under the influence of alcohol Mithilesh Prasad, Sanjeev Yadav, Arun Chaudhary, Baban Pandit, Ajay Sau, Chhotan Ram, Sonu Kumar, Chaneshwar Chaudhary, Mohammad Izad, Ashok Das, Randhir Kumar, Vimal Paswan, Rakesh Kumar Raju Kumar and Surendra Sao were arrested by the police and produced in the court. The Excise Superintendent said that no one in the district would be spared for selling or drinking liquor.

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