Exclusive interview of Manipur CM: Those who killed our soldiers are hiding in any country, they will kill them by throwing them out of the house: Biren Singh

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There was an attack on the convoy of Assam Rifles on 13 November, in which 5 of our jawans were martyred. Now the Manipur government is handing over the investigation of this case to the NIA, so that the accused hiding abroad can be found. There has been a plan to punish him by throwing him out of the house. This was stated by Manipur CM N Biren Singh in an exclusive interview. Despite the very busy schedule, CM Singh stopped at the helipad and talked to the correspondent Akshay Bajpayee. Read the full interview…

Question: The militants fled from our land after attacking 5 jawans including our commanding officer, what strategy is the government making?

Answer : We are working closely with the central government to nab the accused. People from outside the border are involved in this attack, so the case is being handed over to the NIA. It has been fully prepared. Wherever the accused are, in any country, they will be caught and punished. They attacked in our area, but their camps are not in our area. They had come from another country and attacked and fled back there. India shares a very long border with Myanmar, but it has not been fencing even in 70 years. The whole border is open.

After the arrival of Modiji, the work of fencing is going on very fast. Fencing has been done in 40 kms. With this, such attacks will not be able to happen in the future.

Question: Is this a ploy by the extremists to destabilize the state government, which they did just two months before the elections?

Answer : It seems so, because the state which was peaceful for four and a half years. We are doing all this just before the elections, so it seems that some group has a hand in this which does not think good for us. They have attacked to give the same message but we will not allow their plans to be fulfilled.

Question: Manipur shares 398 km border with Myanmar but fencing is only 40 km out of it, why is it not being protected?

Answer : We have identified a sensitive area of ​​100 km. This is the area from where cross-border movement can be done. The rest of the place is hilly. Now we are going to cover this 100 km sensitive area. Fencing will be done in this entire area within one to two years.

Question: Experts are suspecting that China is behind this attack, do you think so too?

Answer : Look, efforts are being made to destabilize India, but I am not the right person to say who is doing what. There is a conspiracy in this.

Question: The Chinese army has never attacked in this area before. For the first time, along with the commandant and soldiers, family members were also killed, is there an attempt to send a message?

Answer : It may be related to what has happened in Myanmar. But this is a strategic point, so I cannot comment on it.

Question: For the first time, the BJP government was formed in Manipur, what do you consider to be the biggest achievement of its 5 years?

Answer : Earlier in Manipur, mother and sister used to sit outside the house forming sub groups. He was afraid that he did not know who would come and catch the son, the husband. She slept at the gate all night. Today everyone sleeps comfortably at home. Now Manipur is not even closed. Along with security, Modiji also gave an innerline permit to Manipur, which was in demand for years. State and National Highways are being built. Gas has reached every house. People are getting the benefit of water supply, Ayushman. We are giving door to door delivery of government schemes. This time we will win with a two-thirds majority.

Question: There are four-five, five-five contenders for the same seat in Manipur. So how will the tickets be distributed? How to get rid of resentment?

Answer : Being a beautiful girl, like four-four, five-five jawans roam after her, in the same way everyone is coming to BJP. There will be no problem in distributing tickets. We will get votes not in the name of Modiji but on the work of Modiji.


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