The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting selected 75 filmmakers from across the country under the age of 35 on the occasion of the Amrit Mahotsav of Independence. All those young filmmakers were honored by Minister Anurag Thakur and members of the jury at the International Film Festival of India held in Goa. Prasoon Joshi was the chairman of the jury of this venture, which was started under the name of 75 Creative Minds. Read excerpts from Dainik Jagran Associate Editor Anant Vijay’s conversation with him during the film festival:

What was the idea behind starting 75 Creative Minds?

The idea behind this was to give opportunities to the possibilities. You understand it in such a way that this respect is not for any product but for its thinking. This award is to recognize the talent of the filmmaker, not to reward a film. We associated it with the film festival so that the youth of small and big cities of the country can get an opportunity to come on an international platform related to films. It also got success. Young filmmakers from Chhattisgarh to Jharkhand were identified.

How will such programs affect the film culture of the country?

This will increase the confidence of young filmmakers from small towns of the country. By meeting film luminaries and attending masterclasses, they will get to know the nuances of filmmaking. If you see, in a way this is the beginning of serious training in filmmaking. Your jury has selected these young filmmakers.

What will be the road ahead for them now?

See, this selection will give them a direction, participation will give experience and will increase the urge to learn. Not everything is achieved in one attempt. For the 75 creative minds who have been selected, this is not a destination but a step towards the destination.

In this way, programs to identify talent are done on special occasions, but what is their future?

– Look, if we talk about the far-reaching effect, then I think this program should be made annual. It should be made a permanent part of the International Film Festival of India. It can also be linked to employment. We should see how big the world market is. If diverse talents from different parts of the country join in other disciplines like directing, writing or film making, then there will be a huge employment opportunity.

Is there a lot of risk in film making?

– See, film making has to be removed from the mindset of tukke. It has to be implemented in a planned manner to make it a solid career option. It happens now that he would not have known how the film production should be successful, if you go to the arrow, otherwise it will fail. It is only by eliminating this magic of filmmaking that it will get serious in every genre and it will be established as an alternative career in front of the youth.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh