Exclusive: Wife’s affair in London, suicide of Jaipur businessman: Love happened in 8th class, used to say – I will die without her

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A love story that started from the streets of Jaipur ended in London. Sumit, 38, son of Rajkumar Ahuja, a resident of Malviya Nagar Sector-2, committed suicide by jumping from the balcony of the sixth floor of an apartment on Charit Road in London.

Left behind tears for loved ones and suicide note of 424 words….

After 3 minutes of forwarding the suicide note on WhatsApp, he committed suicide by jumping from the balcony. There was a loud explosion when Sumit’s apartment fell on the ground floor. When the neighbors came out, Sumit was lying on the floor bleeding. The police took the body in possession and sent it to the hospital with the help of an ambulance. In the suicide note, he has given the reason of suicide as wife’s affair. Sumit’s love marriage happened 15 years ago, but his love story was 25 years old.

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Sumit and that girl used to study in the same class
Cousin Yash Wadhbani told that Sumit was 13 years old and in 8th standard. Sumit and that girl were in the same class in the same school.
Sumit’s family consists of mother, father and sister. Father Rajkumar Ahuja had a textile business and mother Meena was a doctor.
When the family explained about the affair with a classmate, Sumit stood up against them. Used to say – I will die without him.

Love marriage in 2007, moved to London in 2008
Staying in Malviya Nagar, Sumit completed his education till his MBA. His girlfriend also lived in Malviya Nagar.
In 2007, both got married. At that time Sumit was 23 years old and his girlfriend was 22 years old.
In 2008, he got a job in a London company. He shifted to London with his wife.

How did the relationship between the two start to deteriorate…

wife did not want children
Yash alleges that Sumit’s wife took him away from his family. Sumit wanted to start a family, but his wife was not ready for the child.
In the year 2016, Sumit also got UK citizenship. In 2019, Sumit started the company in partnership in the UK. Sumit earned crores of rupees with company, two flats in UK.

went into depression due to wife’s affair
Yash told that Sumit earned crores of rupees, but was not happy. Sumit’s wife had an affair with a boy named Rachit. There were many quarrels between the two regarding Rachit living in Britain.
The wife had put Sumit away, so he did not share his troubles with anyone. He was choking inside.

2 years ago his wife filed the divorce file. To save his love, he tried to convince his wife many times, but she did not agree. Seeing his childhood love getting away from himself like this, Sumit went into depression.

Sumit had sent a suicide note to his sister Harshita (35) on WhatsApp 3 minutes before the suicide.

gave a party to friends before suicide
Yash Wadhbani told that on September 16, Sumit had given a party to friends at his flat. After the party was over at around 4 pm, all the friends left.
After this, Sumit and his wife had a fight over some issue. Shortly after that Sumit jumped from the balcony of his flat on the sixth floor.

Whatsapp suicide note to sister 3 minutes ago
Yash told that Sumit sent a suicide note to his special friend Bhanu before committing suicide. Joe Bhanu sent Sumit’s sister Harshita (35) on WhatsApp. Which was found 3 minutes before the suicide. Harshita shifted to Manchester, UK after marriage. Harshita was blown away as soon as her brother’s suicide note was received. He told about Sumit’s death by sending this suicide note to his family members in Jaipur.

Now read that suicide note…

‘I can’t see you with anyone else’
‘It was a nice evening. I am taking this step to prove to you that I have always been very loyal to this relationship. I asked you many times tonight, but you lied again as usual. I can’t see you with anyone else. That Rachit (alleged lover) is not trustworthy and is just taking advantage. I told you about it earlier also.’

‘Don’t love anyone so much’
‘Leaving a message behind me for you and the people who know me that I have always given a lot of love and respect to every relationship I have. I have given my best in every relationship unconditionally and without any selfish motives and without any competition.
‘Please, take care of my parents as much as you can, if possible, help by going beyond your limits. Please don’t ever love someone so deeply, it’s worthless.’

‘Don’t declare me a psychopath’
‘I request very humbly not to declare me psycho for taking this step, I have failed because of my simplicity and calmness.’
‘I didn’t grow up with my parents, so don’t blame them for my upbringing. I am solely responsible for my mistakes, shortcomings, so I apologize for any mistake made knowingly or unknowingly.
Mom and dad, never speak ill of my love (wife) or anyone.

‘My property should go to my parents, whoever is the nominee’
“My entire (100 per cent) property should be given to my parents without any problem, as they are not in a position to fight, irrespective of the nominee of my personal property.
I had some wishes, which could not be fulfilled. An old age home was to be built in India. I had to travel the whole world with my love… my biggest wish was to have a child and a family.

‘Forgive me my family friend’
‘Mummy-papa, Kunal, Ankit, Neha, both sisters, Bhanu, David, Nikola, my brother Kartik and all my family and friends…forgive me.’
‘I don’t have any loan, nobody owes me a penny.
I have a lot of respect for all your support, guidance from all the colleagues I have worked with so far. I have nothing to offer you.’

‘If I survive, don’t tell my parents about it’
‘If somehow I survive, when I am not in a position to make my own decisions… Please, please, please no one will tell my parents about this or hand me over to them. I can’t give them any more pain. Give me to the care home.
As late as possible, you will meet in some other part of the world.
I love you the most.’
(Sumit wrote this suicide note in English)

Sumit’s family made these allegations…

Hands were tied, there was cloth on the mouth
Cousin Yash Wadhbani told that when Harshita told, she contacted Sumit’s neighbors. Neighbors told that the police had come on the information of Sumit’s suicide. The police sent the body by ambulance to the hospital’s mortuary for post-mortem.
Neighbors had seen Sumit’s body. His hands were tied and a cloth was tied over his mouth. The cloth was removed from the face to give CPR to the ambulance workers.
Yash alleges that Sumit did not commit suicide in this way. After drinking alcohol, he was beaten to death by tying his hands and mouth. Instead of handing over the dead body to the relatives, the UK police is talking about giving it to the wife.

Wife herself became the nominee in the property
Yash says that his wife got Sumit to make herself a nominee in all the properties. The family is not entitled to property worth crores of rupees, but the body is also not giving the police to his family members. The police there did not file a report even after Sumit’s sister Harshita complained. A post-mortem could not be conducted for three days due to the death of Britain’s Queen Elijah Breath. The police is asking to hand over the body to his wife after the post-mortem.

they say
Malviya Nagar SHO Dharmaraj Choudhary says that on the night of 16 September, the police control room’s suicide was reported. By calling on the number of the informant, he reached the address of Malviya Nagar. The elderly couple found in Malviya Nagar informed about the suicide of son Sumit in Britain. Came back with information about Sumit.

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