Kuvi’s Dean Academic Affairs Prof. Manjula Choudhary duly inaugurated the exhibition as the chief guest Jagran Correspondent, Kurukshetra: In the Department of Fine Arts of Kurukshetra University, visual artist Priyanka Sinha’s solo exhibition Invisible in the Visible was inaugurated on Monday. Kurukshetra University Dean Academic Affairs Prof. Manjula Choudhary formally inaugurated the exhibition as the chief guest. Along with the launch of the exhibition, offline classes have also started in Kurukshetra University after the long-standing corona lockdown.

Pro. Manjula Choudhary carefully observed the artworks and got to know about her artworks from artist Priyanka Sinha. Pro. Manjula Choudhary appreciated all the artefacts displayed in the exhibition. Talked to Priyanka Sinha about various techniques and nuances of her subject and wished her bright future. He praised the artist and said that in addition to the previously imagined subjects, other artistic elements have also been included in his paintings. His paintings are very attractive and conceptual. In the painting of visual artist Priyanka Sinha, the amalgamation of abstract and real is visible. Painter Priyanka told about her artworks that creative balance, aesthetic sense and emotionality have been transformed in the displayed artworks.

Head of the department, Dr. Pawan Kumar said that Priyanka, a resident of Delhi, is a painter, writer, artist and artist, in her painting, the artist’s feelings towards the environmental periphery have been presented directly and indirectly. This ideology will have a positive impact on the young students of the department, due to which the students will get to learn new dimensions.

On this occasion Prof. Ram Viranjan, Dr. Monika Gupta, Dr. Gurcharan Singh, Dr. Jaya Daronde, Dr. Rakesh Bani, Dr. RK Singh, Dr. RS Pathania were present.

Edited By: Jagran