Expanded scope of black fungus: For the first time in civil, a patient with black fungus came in the lungs, the doctor said – we had read it in books, also saw it today

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The cases of black fungus may have reduced, but a unique case has come to the fore. Involvement of black fungus has been found in the lungs for the first time. Doctors say that we had read about it in books that black fungus ie Mikor mycosis can also reach the lungs, but had never seen its patient. Usually this disease infects the jaw, eye and then the brain through the sinus.

Dr. Anand Choudhary, Professor of ENT Department of Civil Hospital said that so far more than 550 black fungus patients have been treated, but this is the first case when black fungus has developed in a patient’s lung. The patient is undergoing treatment and is stable. Amphoteresin B injection is also being given. He has been shifted to Mikor mycosis ward.

10 days ago from Nandurbar the elderly came to Surat for treatment
A 60-year-old resident of Nandurbar had a headache and respiratory problems. He came to the Civil Hospital in Surat for treatment 10 days ago. His treatment was started in the TB and Chest Department. On examination it was found that he did not have TB. After that doctors did CT scan and MRI of chest and brain, which confirmed black fungus.

now three patients of black fungus in civil hospital
Dr. Anand Chaudhary says that till now more than 550 patients of black fungus have come in civil. Only 3 patients are admitted in the ward. No new patients have come for a long time. About 46 patients have lost their lives. At the same time, the eyes of more than 22 patients had to be removed. Till date more than 450 patients have been operated in the hospital. Till now black fungus was found only in sinus, jaw, eye and brain, but this is the first case.


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