EXPLAINER: Masks do not alter CO2 levels, N-95 provides 95% protection

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Many information is coming in Corona. Some are based on facts and unheard things. It is also rumored that wearing a mask for a long time increases the level of CO2 in the air you breathe. American experts have cleared the questions related to such misconceptions about wearing masks.

How do masks work against infection?
The mask prevents infection by preventing airborne droplets from coming into contact with the person’s respiratory tract while providing proper breathing facilities.

What do experts say about CO2 and masks?
The CDC says that wearing a mask does not increase the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air you breathe. Cloth masks and surgical masks do not provide an airtight fit to the face. When you exhale or talk, CO2 is released into the air through the mask. The CO2 molecules are so small that they can easily pass through the mask material. At the same time, the respiratory droplets that carry the virus are much larger than CO2. That’s why I can’t pass through the mask.

Should the mask be of cloth or recommended by an expert?
All types of masks have the ability to prevent infection, even cloth ones. It would be better if people wear masks like N-95. Experts are saying that cloth masks are not that effective in stopping the new variant of Corona, Amicron. In such a situation, the N-95 mask is better. It inhibits 95% of microparticles. These are made of polypropylene fibers which prevent the coronavirus from coming in from the air. These masks are as effective as masks like China’s KN-95.

What is the difference between N-95, KN-95 and KF-94?
The ability to stop the virus of N-95 is similar to that of KN-95 made in China. At the same time, KF-94 masks of South Korea are also good. According to the Korean government, if you wear the mask properly, this virus gives up to 94% protection.

Do you have trouble wearing such masks for a long time?
It is true that if you wear an N-95 mask for a long time, then it can become uncomfortable. At the same time, they are also expensive compared to ordinary surgical or cloth masks. If there is a problem with this, then you can apply a fitted mask of lower grade.

Why is this mask single use only?
Keep the N-95 mask dry after one use by wrapping it in brown paper. After a few days, their germs will die, then they can be used again.

Expert: Dr. Rochelle Valensky, CDC Director
Pro. Lynsey Marr, Virginia Tech Environmental Engineer


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