Extortion sought from third agent in four days in Panipat: Calling trucker and asking for 25 lakhs, the crook called himself a member of Neeraj Bawana gang

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In Haryana’s Panipat district, from Tuesday, January 11 to January 14, a big case of demanding third extortion has come to light within a total of four days. This time on January 14, an extortion of Rs 25 lakh has been demanded from the agent of the grain market. The time has been given to the arhtiya to pay Rs. There is a threat that if the money is not given, then the miscreants will shoot him on Sunday. Frightened, the agent has given a complaint to the police. On the basis of the complaint, the police have registered a case against the unknown miscreant under section 386 of IPC. In the complaint given to the Chandnibagh police station, Sandeep Dahiya told that he is a resident of Sector 25. On Friday afternoon, he had gone to his plot at TDI SEC 23. Two calls were received on his mobile phone at 1:24 pm and 1:26 pm. Talks took place for a minute each in both the calls. In which the caller threatened to keep 25 lakh rupees ready by tomorrow, otherwise I will shoot you. On which Sandeep asked who are you speaking, then he said that I am talking to Neeraj Bawana gang. Sandeep Dahiya told the police that he uses an iPhone. in which there is no recording.

The miscreant called the trucker, no number is visible in the mobile.

The badass said in typical Haryanvi
Sandeep says that the miscreant has made internet calling to him. This calling is neither a social media call nor a normal call. In this call, only truecaller calling is written on the mobile screen. When Sandeep received the first call, the crook spoke in full typical Haryanvi. Asked for money and disconnected the call. Exactly two minutes later, he called again. That call he asked to hear another person. That other person was a laborer. On talking to the worker, he said that Bau is not here. To which the crook said that I know your uncle is Sandeep Dahiya. Which comes in the grain market. Tell him that he will keep Rs 25 lakh ready by tomorrow evening, else he will shoot the day after tomorrow.

On January 11, Kala Jathedi asked for 10 lakh extortion from the agent Devendra
Devendra Kumar alias Leela, a resident of Gaushala Mandi, an agent of Anaj Mandi, gave a complaint to the police that on Tuesday night at quarter past nine, he received a call from an unknown number on his mobile phone. The caller said that he is speaking black jathedi. Make arrangements for ten lakh rupees by Wednesday. Otherwise he will kill you. After that he got scared. Called him again from three unknown numbers, but he did not answer. He and his relatives are in danger of being threatened.

On January 12, Rishi Chulkana asked for 5 lakh extortion from Samalkha’s confectioner
Manoj Mittal, a resident of Old Gudmandi in Samalkha, has a Carrot Park (sweets) shop under Rajendra Mittal’s (father’s name) near his house. He was at the shop at noon on Wednesday. Was busy having a lot of customers. At around one and a half, a call came on his mobile from a number. When he received it, the person speaking from the front threatened him and said that I am speaking from Karnal to Rishi Chulkane. I want five lakh rupees. On which he got nervous and hung up the phone saying hello in fear. Called again on the mobile from the above number, but he did not answer. Then a threatening tax message came on his mobile from the said number. It was written in the message that you will die and then neither call nor message came from the said number.


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