Fans of Lalu family are also in NDA: Big leaders telling JDU leader Lalu, Tej Pratap is being told as the favorite of public in BJP, is there contradiction in NDA about Lalu family?

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In the ongoing dispute in the RJD family, both the sons of Lalu are seen face to face. While Lalu Prasad Yadav and Rabri Devi are trying to solve it, BJP-JDU are telling it in their own style. MLA Gopal Mandal, who spoke controversial words of JDU, while praising Lalu Prasad, has called Tejpratap Yadav a baharupiya. But BJP leaders have been praising Tej Pratap.

JDU leader Gopal Mandal told Lalu to be a big leader

JDU MLA Gopal Mandal has described Lalu Prasad Yadav as a big leader. Gopal Mandal’s statement has come to the fore when all the political parties are making a ruckus in Tarapur and Kusheshwar places regarding the assembly by-elections in Bihar. Lalu is about to come to Patna and his presence is being considered as an effective factor on the election results. Although Gopal Mandal’s statement

Bihar politics is not taken very seriously. But it is also true that in the context in which Gopal Mandal has said this, usually JDU does not speak on it. JD(U) leaders do not speak against Tej Pratap in the midst of the fight that broke out in RJD. But Gopal Mandal has called Tej Pratap as Bahrupia and Lalu Prasad as a big leader in the discussion of Tej Pratap and Lalu.

BJP leader Tej Pratap Yadav has been continuously praising

Unlike JDU leaders, BJP leaders praise Tej Pratap Yadav a lot. Recently, Sushil Modi, who is considered a staunch political opponent of Lalu Prasad, also praised Tej Pratap Yadav. Sushil Modi had said that Tej Pratap is also being liked more among his people.

Due to this some people of his party are doing manipulations to shun him. Not only Sushil Modi, but the minister of the government coming from BJP, Neeraj Bablu also said in the past that Tej Pratap Yadav is a talented leader. He has created a new student organization using his talent.

Is there a conflict on the Lalu family in NDA?

The stand of BJP and JDU regarding Lalu family seems to be different. The way BJP gives statements in favor of Tej Pratap, it is clear that by strengthening Tej Pratap, it is trying to weaken Tejashwi. This is the reason why the BJP is engaged in promoting the fight within the Lalu family in the politics of Bihar.

Whereas, this is not the case in JDU. JDU seems to be a bit soft on these matters. More than a family dispute, JDU tries to highlight Lalu Prasad’s corruption cases. Obviously, through this, JDU keeps trying to keep the people of Bihar face-to-face against the rule of Lalu Prasad and the reign of Nitish Kumar.


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