New Delhi, Auto Desk. Now FASTag has been made mandatory across India. Many people are facing problem that they are not using their fastag yet their money is getting deducted. After all, how can it happen that a person does not use FASTag or car and still his money is deducted? So this is possible. Yes, let us tell you many things related to Fastag, which will save your money from being deducted.

Customers often make this mistake

Whenever you activate FASTag and you link your wallet or bank account with it, the toll tax charges are automatically detected. In such a situation, if we sell or buy a car, then we do not remove the old fastag many times. At the same time, if another person uses it, then money starts deducting from your account with FASTag. Many people make such mistake due to lack of information. People sell their car and forget to deactivate the FASTag installed in it.

never forget to do this

Often people later come to know that they must have the serial number entered in the FASTag or else they will not be able to deactivate the FASTag. Whenever you buy or sell your car, you must remember the serial number of the car’s FASTag. Also it is very important to keep its record. Even if you have sold your car and you have not activated FASTag, your money can be deducted. FASTag facility is being provided by many Paytm and other banks, so that you can easily activate or deactivate it.

easy way to deactivate

Whenever you are selling the car or giving it in exchange, it is best you remove the FASTag. If you are not able to deactivate FASTag from your registered mobile number, then you can get it deactivated by calling the tool free number 1800-120-4210. You can also call from where you had taken or activated FASTag. After this, you will get its link on the mobile, where the registration number of the vehicle, serial number of FASTag will be asked. After this, you will have to fill all the information here, after which your fastag will be deactivated.

Edited By: Sarveshwar Pathak