New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. High blood pressure has become a common problem in modern times due to bad routine, wrong diet and stress. Normal blood pressure in this condition is 100–140 mmHg systolic and 60–90 mmHg diastolic. High blood pressure readings are 90/140 mmHg or above. The blood pressure in the arteries of a person suffering from high blood pressure increases greatly. At the same time, the heart has to work harder to maintain normal blood pressure. Blood pressure is measured in two ways, systolic and diastolic. This suggests that there is tension or contraction between beats. If you are also a patient of high blood pressure and want to control high BP, then consume fennel daily. High blood pressure can be controlled by its consumption. Many researches have revealed that fennel is a boon for health. Especially, acts like a medicine in obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Come, know everything about it-


The benefits of fennel have been explained in detail in a research. According to this research, vitamin-C and potassium are found in abundance in fennel. High blood pressure remains under control by its consumption. Patients suffering from hypertension involved in this research were advised to take vitamin-C tablet containing fennel twice a day. The result of this research has been satisfactory. The high blood pressure of the victims was found to be improved by the consumption of medicine containing fennel. For this, high blood pressure patients can consume fennel.

how to consume

For this, you can make and consume fennel tea. You can also eat fennel cookies. Drinking fennel tea keeps blood pressure under control. Also, it gives relief from asthma. Apart from this, the weight also remains under control. Blood pressure patients should take fennel tea daily in the morning and evening. You can also eat fennel cookies.

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Edited By: Pravin Kumar