Seoul Agency. Deaths from ‘fever’ are being recorded in North Korea amid the outbreak of Corona virus. North Korea has reported some 17,400 new cases of unknown fever with 21 new deaths, state-run KCNA news agency reported on Saturday. According to KCNA, the total number of cases has already crossed 524,000. The government of North Korea has said that 2,80,810 people are being isolated and treated. It is not clear which fever has spread which led to the deaths.

The total number of deaths and cases rose to 21 deaths and 5,24,440 illnesses since Friday, amid a rapid spread of fever since late April. North Korea said that 2,43,630 people have been cured and 2,80,810 people are in quarantine. State media did not disclose how many fever cases and how many deaths were confirmed as COVID-19 infections.

Lockdown is in force in North Korea

The first case of corona has been reported in North Korea after two years. After the confirmation of the new case, Kim Jong Un has announced to impose a lockdown in the country. He has appealed that the measures to prevent corona should be increased further and they should be strictly followed. According to the news agency Reuters, people have been asked to stay indoors and a nationwide lockdown has been implemented by the authorities.

Kim Jong Un called a strategy meeting

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, during a meeting on anti-virus strategies on Saturday, described the fever outbreak as a historically ‘massive disruption’ and as unity between the government and the people to contain the outbreak as quickly as possible. called upon to stabilize.

Experts warn

Experts say North Korea’s failure to control the spread of COVID-19 could have disastrous consequences given the country’s poor health system, and massively affect 26 million (26 million) people.

State media said the exact number of people with fever in the country’s capital Pyongyang was not yet known, but tests of virus samples collected on Sunday confirmed they were infected with the Omicron variant. The country has so far officially confirmed one death linked to Omicron infection.

Edited By: Babli Kumari