Fiance broke the relationship after refusing to make a relationship: After engagement in Gwalior, 5 lakh Scorpios were asked, marriage was to be held in December

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After the engagement, the young man took his fiancée for a walk, then after getting the opportunity, touched the girl in the wrong way and tried to make a relation. The girl refused to realize his intention. This made him so angry that he demanded Scorpio and five lakh rupees in dowry. When the girl expressed her inability to give, she called off the engagement. This is the case of Gwalior.

The family members of the girl explained a lot to the boys, they also talked about defamation, but they did not listen. Distraught, a 30-year-old girl living in DD Nagar reached Maharajpura police station. Where she told the police, that she was engaged on July 8 with a youth resident of Birla Nagar line number-3. The engagement ceremony took place in a big hotel. The wedding date was fixed on 8 December. The family got busy with the wedding preparations. Father also booked marriage garden, hotel, confectionery.

pressured to have a relationship
On the other hand, after the engagement, the fiancé also started visiting the house. Many times he took her out on the pretext of moving. He would touch in the wrong way as soon as he got a chance here. Since the marriage was fixed, the girl did not take this matter seriously. But then he started pressuring her to have a relationship. When the girl refused, she demanded Scorpio and five lakh rupees. When the family expressed its inability, the marriage was called off. The police have registered a case of dowry harassment and molestation.

Five lakh rupees were given in the engagement
The victim told the police that on the demand of the boys in the engagement, five lakh rupees were given. Also, the entire cost of the hotel where the engagement took place was also borne by the girl’s parents. Apart from this, a gold chain, ring was also given. According to the victim, two lakh rupees have been spent in the preparation of marriage after the engagement. Now she is being defamed for breaking the marriage. CSP Ravi Bhadauria said that on the complaint of the girl, a case of dowry act and molestation has been registered. The search is on for the accused.

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