Fierce over special session of Punjab Vidhan Sabha: Ashwani Sharma said – Government with AAP advertisement, where is the evidence of Lotus operation

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The Bharatiya Janata Party of Punjab termed the special session of the Assembly convened by the AAP government on 22 September as fake. BJP state president Ashwani Sharma said in the press conference that AAP only knows drama composition. AAP is wasting the tax money of the people of Punjab by calling fake sessions, when there is no need for it.

Ashwani Sharma said that a protest will be organized by the BJP on September 22 on the fake session of AAP from the BJP office to the Punjab Vidhan Sabha. Punjab Finance Minister Harpal Cheema talked about raising Rs 1375 crore by the BJP for horse-trading of MLAs, but where is this amount, he is not able to answer it. If the MLAs were contacted through telephone, why were those numbers not made public.

He said that if any AAP MLA met anyone in this regard, the information about the place where it was should not be made public. AAP said that there was an audio-video recording of the Lotus operation, but that recording also did not come to the fore.

Ashwani Sharma said that AAP has 92 MLAs. Despite this, the BJP strongly opposes calling the House. He said it was unnecessary. Now after the session, AAP will congratulate itself that no MLA was for sale. It is common for AAP to make such dramas.

He said that if the session was to be called, he would have called on sand and gravel. Improve law and order in Punjab. Here, what to do to end drug addiction, the House would be called on all these problems, but the corrupt AAP government, which is wasting money and time in non-essential works, is just an advertisement government.

BJP will protest till the assembly

BJP will protest by taking out a march from BJP office to Punjab Vidhan Sabha on 22nd September. The no-confidence motion is brought by the opposition, but when the opposition itself has no doubt, then what is the need for AAP to bring an unnecessary trust vote. This is nothing more than a drama to divert people’s attention from the real issues.

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