Find out from these 3 ways by a diet fad or fab nutritionist to lose weight

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Weight Loss: There is a growing trend to try food that promises quick results for weight loss. While some of these foods can be good. Many are not effective in the long run and people tend to gain weight again after some time. It is important to eat the right kind of food to ensure that the process of weight loss does not sap our energy. There is a difference between a good diet plan and a fad diet. A fed diet is a modern weight loss plan but generally not healthy. Nutritionist Rijuta Diwekar says that a fed diet leads to a decrease in the weight-to-strength ratio and creates health problems.

In an Instagram post, Rijuta shared some tips on how to identify a fad diet plan.

1) Is it a nutrient isolate? That means your diet plan tells you to choose a nutrient or avoid a nutrient? For example, if your diet plan tells you in terms of “good food” (protein and fat) and “bad food” (carbohydrate and sugar), then it is a fed diet.

2) Is the diet based on cultural appropriation? In other words, is it a diet plan that takes something from a culture and enhances it? Take for example a masala and fasting. If you were fasting once a month or were taking turmeric in some dishes, but suddenly you changed the pattern to multiple fasts and doubled or negligible the quantity of turmeric, then this is a fed diet plan.

3) Does it ask you to measure the food you eat or your weight or the steps you take? You don’t need to weigh everything on a scale like the quantity of poha, rice, etc, that you eat. Doing this will not reduce the weight, but will cause health problems, says Rijuta.

Rijuta says that a diet plan should accommodate the four Cs – common sense, culture, food and climate. A diet that accommodates all these things is a permanent diet and can give you the desired results. Nutritionists often provide valuable insight into how to manage diet and maintain good health.

Watch his video here:

From time to time new weight loss diets come out that promise the ultimate level of success. However, if you are on a weight loss regimen, you need to remember one thing – the best diet is the one that does not promise quick results but comes with both short term and long term benefits.

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