First of all, ethanol production from Bhoramdev plant will start: 80 thousand liters daily from January, five more plants will be set up in a year, 20% ethanol will be mixed in petrol from 2023

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Preparations are to start production of ethanol in January 2023 from the first big plant being set up in Bhoramdev (Kawardha) in Chhattisgarh. 80,000 liters of ethanol will be produced daily from this plant. Not only this, production will start from all the four ethanol factories of Chhattisgarh by mixing it in a year.

After this, the target is to increase the amount of ethanol in petrol in the state to 20 percent, which is currently only 8.5 percent. According to the Industries Department, 27 firms have signed an MoU for setting up ethanol plants in the state, out of which environment clearance has been issued to six.

They have contracted to produce 236 million liters of ethanol annually. If all the four plants are started by the end of 2023, it is possible to produce 90 million liters from them. According to the investigation, the state government is buying 100 lakh tonnes of paddy from farmers in Kharif. The limit for selling paddy in the support price is fixed.

So the farmers are selling their remaining paddy to the traders. According to experts, if a few ethanol plants are set up in the state, it is possible for farmers to consume almost the entire paddy. Three plants are being set up at Mandir Hasaud and Arang in Raipur, Bhoramdev in Kawardha and Bemetara. The Kawardha plant will be the first plant to produce ethanol from sugarcane.

Most expensive sugarcane ethanol: The rates of ethanol in the country are decided by the Center and petroleum companies. It is applicable from 1st December to 30th November. At present the rate of ethanol made from rice is Rs 56.87, ethanol made from damaged grains is Rs 51.55, rate of ethanol made from sugarcane is Rs 46.66 to 59.08 and rate of ethanol made from sugarcane juice (syrup) is Rs 63.45 per liter, which is the highest. Is. The state is estimated to consume 89.76 crore liters of petrol annually in the year 2022. This will increase to 100 million liters in 2025 and to 120 million liters by 2030. If ethanol is produced as expected, there will be no shortage of petrol.

In Chhattisgarh, ethanol is currently being made from sugarcane, sugarcane juice, rice and waste grains. It is alcohol at 95 percent purity. After removing 5 percent of the water, 99.8 percent pure ethanol is obtained, which is suitable for driving vehicles. Sumit Sarkar, CEO-Biofuel Development Authority

There is a shortage of petrol and diesel. Prices are beyond Rs 100 a litre. Ethanol is the only option, which will have to buy less crude oil once production starts. This will benefit the economy and farmers. – Akhil Dhagat, President, Chhag Petroleum Association

Center asked to mix 10 percent ethanol, but…
No. State- Ethanol mixture
1. Punjab- 9.9
2. Uttar Pradesh – 9.8
3. Haryana- 9.7
4. Gujarat- 9.5
5. Himachal Pradesh, Delhi – 9.4
14. Chhattisgarh- 8.4
25. West Bengal- 2.4
(Note- Top 5 states, Chhattisgarh and the position of the lowest ranked state)

Bhoramdev plant will be ready in December
At present, the Bhoramdev factory is being maintained as the sugarcane procurement season is about to start from November to April. Just behind this, 300 workers are engaged in the construction of the state’s first sugarcane-based ethanol plant on 35 acres, which is to be completed in December 2022. Commercial production will start in January. The capacity of this plant is to produce 80,000 liters of ethanol per day. Molasses (the liquid remaining after sugar is made from sugarcane) from the sugar factory for the ethanol plant will be supplied through a pipeline.

It will be stored in the plant, so that production can last throughout the year. After rotting the molasses as per the requirement and passing through the rest of the process, 99.8 percent pure ethanol will be obtained. Biogas and spirits can also be made from the remaining waste liquid. According to the report of 2021-22, 17,828 tonnes of molasses came out from this sugar plant in a year. It was being sold out. All this will be given to the ethanol plant. Not only this, Molasses Pandaria will also buy sugar from the factory.
(According to BK Thakur, Factory MD, KK Yadav, Sugarcane Development Officer, BK Singh, Plant Incharge and Manoj Dehri, Engineer)

State benefits from ethanol

1. Fuel cost will be less
The higher the mixture of ethanol in the fuel, the lower the consumption of crude oil. Ethanol 60 Rs. liter is, petrol is 101 rupees.

2. Farmers benefit from paddy-sugarcane
With the production of ethanol from sugarcane and rice, farmers will get a good price for both the crops. Yield will also increase, the economic condition of the state will be strong.

3. Job opportunities will open
One plant will provide jobs to 200-300 people and by-products up to 300. It ranges from laborers to engineers.

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