New Delhi, Auto Desk. Vehicle Scrappage Policy First Unit: The government is constantly taking major steps regarding the scrap policy in India. In this direction, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has launched the first unit of recycling old vehicles in Sector-80, Noida today. Let us tell you, the country’s largest automaker Maruti and Toyota Tsusho Group’s have jointly built this unit, where every year about 24 thousand old vehicles will be converted into scrap. According to the information, this plant will have the capacity to scrap 2,000 vehicles every month and it will take more than three hours to scrap one vehicle.

Addressing the event, Gadkari said, “Scrappage policy will be one of the major factors to control pollution. Old cars are much more polluting than new cars, so they need to be phased out. We expect sales to increase by 10-12 per cent due to scrappage policy.” He added, “Old vehicles cause pollution which is a big problem for the society. Scraping is very important for the economy. We will get all the raw materials at a low cost so that we can reduce the cost of production.”

Gadkari also said that the Center is planning to start at least a few such vehicle recycling or scrapping centers in every district of the country. The minister said such a move would not only ease the process of dismantling old cars but would also create more jobs, boost the economy and help reduce vehicular pollution. Kenichi Ayukawa, MD & CEO, Maruti Suzuki India Limited said, “Like many countries, we need a policy where vehicle fitness is checked every 3-4 years. We don’t have to wait 15 years. Is.”

The first government-approved scrapping and recycling facility of the Toyota Tsusho Group, spread over an area of ​​10,993 square metres, is operated by Maruti Suzuki Toyotsu India Pvt Ltd. This plant was built with an investment of Rs 44 crore and this scrappage plant is in line with the vehicle scrap policy of the Central Government.

Edited By: Bhavana