Faisalabad, ANI. All the measures taken by Imran Khan to restore the economic health of Pakistan have collapsed. At present, Pakistan is mired in a new crisis amid protests across the country against the skyrocketing prices of food items. According to the report of news agency ANI, there has been a shortage of wheat flour in the Punjab province of Pakistan. The Food Department has said that most of the districts of the province have run out of stock and there is a delay of four to five months in the arrival of the new crop.

Failure to increase wheat production per acre, corruption at the government level in wheat procurement, lack of management and storage has created a shortage of flour in the country. Floor mill owners are shutting down their mills due to increase in rent expenses due to government procurement of wheat from other districts. Agriculture experts say that without increasing the area and giving concessions to the farmers, it is not possible for the country to overcome the flour crisis. Apart from this, corruption in procurement for storage and other expenses of the Food Department are also responsible for the shortage of wheat.

Alam is that like last year, this time also the flour mill owners are closing their mills. They say that due to the shortage of wheat, they have to purchase government wheat from other districts, due to which they have to spend more in the form of freight. According to the report of ‘The News International’, agricultural experts believe that it is not possible to overcome the flour crisis without giving subsidy to the farmers. There is also corruption in the purchase of sacks and other expenses being done by the Food Department for the storage of wheat.

In this regard, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank have been proposing to Imran Khan’s government for many years that the Food and Market Committees should be abolished because These have become a burden on the national exchequer. On the other hand Imran Khan’s government seems to be losing faith in the businessmen of the country. Imran Khan has said that his government will support Chinese businessmen and businesses in Pakistan.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh