Food safety rules are not followed: 24 days before Diwali, people are stocking sweets breaking the rules of food safety, in the festive season, people have to be aware of food safety while buying sweets, snacks

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There are 24 days left for the Diwali festival. In this festival, sweets and snacks worth crores will be traded in the district. More than 530 traders in the city have already started preparing the stock of sweets and snacks. In such a situation, food safety rules are not being followed while making sweets. The market is ready for the sale of sweets and namkeens on a large scale during the festive season, but the team of Food Safety Department does not have the time to conduct sampling drives.

This is the reason that in the 11th day of October, the team has been able to collect only 5 samples and send them to the lab. Now people were worried that the sweets they would use to celebrate the festival, lest they spoil their health. In the city’s Babra Mohalla, Dairy Mohalla, Bada Bazar, Durga Mandir Bhawan and other areas, some confectioners are busy making sweets by pouring a pan on the dirt. On Monday, the team went to the four main markets of the city and investigated the factories making sweets, cheese and snacks. Globes in hands, caps on head were not found.

Some shopkeepers did not even get the license of FSSAI. When food safety officer Dr. Harsh Kumari was talked about planning for investigation of cheese, sweets, namkeen being made in the markets in violation of food safety rules, he expressed his inability to give information by reasoning that he was out of the city.

Goods are sold before the sample report arrives

The food safety department team takes samples of any food items, send them to the lab for testing. It takes at least 20 days for the investigation report to come. Instead of waiting till the report comes, the shopkeeper sells the goods. There are only two labs in the state to test food items. One in Chandigarh and the other in Karnal. Samples of Rohtak district are sent to Chandigarh. Even if the team of Food Safety Department takes samples during the festive season, its report comes after the festival. Even the merchants have sold sweets and other food items.

Know… the worrying situation is also because

In the Food Safety Index report released by the Food and Drug Department last month, Haryana remained out of the top 10 states of the country. In Haryana, substandard food items are being sold with adulteration in food items. Sample reports of oil, ghee, milk products, sweets, namkeens, sauces are getting failed. Oils used in food items have been found from Miss brand. In such a situation, if the officials of the Food and Drugs Department in the district still do not warn, the possibility of the health of the residents being put in danger cannot be ruled out.

The team of Food Safety Department took samples of oil, sweets, milk products and other food items in 21 months from the year 2020 to October 2021 and sent them to the department’s lab for examination. In the report received so far, 27 samples were found of Miss Brand and Sub Standard, while in 9 samples samples of Buffy, Cashew Katli and other sweets were found Unsafe. On receiving the report of Miss Brand, the case against the concerned shopkeepers reached the ADC. From there, a fine of more than 60 thousand was imposed on those shopkeepers, while on the arrival of 9 unsafe sample reports, the businessmen challenged in the court of CJM.


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