Forget forgetfulness: Expert told- Increase memory with the help of 10:1 formula, know the complete technique and formula to implement…

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There will be many of you students who remember a lot, but forget it even after that. Many people also have this disease. If you are also among them, then experts are telling such a great trick, by adopting which you will forget your forgetfulness. This means that you can easily remember what you have read. Education expert Lalit Sardana is telling this trick. This trick can be beneficial for students and other people.

According to Sardana, the name of this technique of remembering is ’10:1 Active Recall Technique’. By using this, the student’s memory increases to a great extent. Know how to use this technique.

What is 10:1 Active Recall Technique
Read 10 pages of any book. After this, you have to write a short summary of 1 page in your language. This summary should be in your own language. Whether it can be written in any language like English, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali. The special thing is that it has to be in your own language. After using it, your memory will increase a lot. Also, if you dictate your written summary to someone else, you will get more benefits. Keep in mind that the language of the book and the summary of the book are not to be used.


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