Paris, Pretr. President Emmanuel Macron, who lost a majority in the French parliamentary election, has started discussions with various parties to win a majority. It is noteworthy that his centrist party has failed to get an absolute majority in the parliamentary elections. Following the parliamentary elections, Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne formally tendered her resignation on Tuesday, as is customary. French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne said that such election results are dangerous for our country. Our country is already facing many challenges. Macron, however, rejected the PM’s resignation and retained the current government. Meanwhile, meetings are being held for the new government at the Rashtrapati Bhavan located at the Elysee Palace.

Macron’s party-led coalition won 245 seats in Sunday’s parliamentary elections. But it is still 44 seats short of a majority in the National Assembly. On the other hand, the leftist NUPs coalition won 131 seats to become the main opposition party. The far-right National Rally Party has got 89 seats in the 577-member House as against eight seats last time. Macron has been holding regular meetings with opposition members. Meetings are also to be held with some parties on Wednesday. According to Macron’s office, the goal of the negotiations is to find a possible constructive solution to the situation.

Macron defeated Le Pen in his second presidential election.

French news channel BFMTV reported on Sunday that 15 ministers from Macron’s cabinet who were not elected as deputy in their constituency would have to leave the government. Let us tell you that in April, Macron defeated Le Pen for his second presidential term. He had an absolute majority in the National Assembly during his first term.

Edited By: Babli Kumari