Garba lehenga will be prepared with the clothes of parents: no need to rent dress-jewelry, learn easy tricks from fashion designers-makeup artist

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These days, everyone I meet in the office and society is asking the same- ‘How is the practice of Garbe going on’. After this the question comes- ‘Have you arranged for the lehenga?’ Now answer this in ‘yes’, then one more question- ‘Well, rented or bought new.’ I also went to get a lehenga on rent, but did not like anything. How much has the rent increased from above.’

the problem is boss– Garbe ticket, catering there and then take a new lehenga on rent daily.

Today, in the news of need, we will tell you some such tricks, in which your expenses will be modest or not and you can easily create the look of the whole 9 days.

Our experts are Fashion Designer and Faculty of INIFD Tajwar Khan, Makeup Artist Gurmeet Kaur, Pooja Shastri and Roopal Aggarwal.

We have divided the story into three parts. First we will talk about clothes, then experts will tell how to do makeup and in the third part we will discuss on jewelery and understand that Garba dress can be simple, but why no compromise can be made with jewellery.

1- Garba outfit
Remove clothes from wardrobes and wear them, there is no hassle of mix and match-

Option 1

Check out these 3 work clothes

  • embroidered dress
  • mirror work dress
  • Gotta Work Dress

Checked, if you have any of these three options, then a dress of Garba will be ready.

Option 2

Print and fabric selection is not difficult

  • If you think that wearing heavy and embroidered outfits is right, then it is not necessary.
  • You can also choose a dress or saree in tiger, kalamkari, block and batik prints.
  • The motive, color, design of this type of print is perfect according to the traditional festive. Wear it, create your look with jewelery and makeup.

Option 3

There will be bright colored clothes, find it in the almirah today

  • Take out all the bright color salwar, kurta, palazzo, red, blue, orange, neon colors.
  • The best part about bright colors is that they automatically become a part of the celebration.

Option 4

old dress with border

  • You may have an old dress or sari with a border that you do not like to wear. Separate his border.
  • Get it installed by yourself or on any of your kurti, skirt by visiting a nearby trailer shop. With this, a new outfit for Navratri will be ready.

Option 5

A new look will be ready with lace

In this, you can make a new outfit of Garba by choosing three types of laces and putting them on any of your old dresses.

  • pom-pom lace
  • French Lace – on a piece or fabric
  • tax less

Now some tips keeping in mind those people, who do not wear heavy lehenga, still want a lehenga look

You can get the look of a lehenga with a cotton skirt without spending any money. To understand this trick easily, read the tips of fashion designer Tajwar Khan in the graphics below and also share with others.

You have read the creative, you must have also seen the above video, still there is some doubt, then watch the same video again. Especially those who want to understand how to handle neckpiece dupatta, and give you a stylish look

Now let’s learn that

How to create 3 different looks without a skirt for just a little money

Bright color anarkali kurti and dhoti salwar-

Get the front 4 bud of Anarkali kurti removed, wear it with dhoti salwar.

to tie Saree And mirror work Wally blouse-

Bandhani saree is mostly owned by women. This will create the perfect look of Navratri. Just buy a readymade blouse with mirror work in contrast color from the market. Wear silver jewelry with it.

Plane Suit Of with heavy scarf

If you do not want to wear an embroidered dress, then you can try this look. We all have plain churidar suits. You can go for Garba wearing Bandhej silk dupatta, Banarasi dupatta or mirror work dupatta with it.

2. Makeup So perfect hee Happen should

Some women choose their outfits and other things, but for them make-up and perfecting it is not less than any tension. Roopal Aggarwal is giving easy makeup tips for such people.

Click on the video below to learn the tips…

Gurmeet Kaur She runs a parlor in a small town in Madhya Pradesh. We contacted him to know that in big cities, preparations for Garba start a month in advance. What is the situation in small towns at this time, do women come to you for makeup tips?

She says- Nowadays the craze of Garba is not only in Gujarat. It has reached almost all the villages, towns or small towns of India. It is not necessary that you are in Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, Indore or Ahmedabad, only then you will be able to arrange a good Garbe dress or make-up. In any village, town or small town, you can do a good dress and make-up for the least amount of money.

According to Gurmeet, more than the dress, makeup and confidence play an important role in the look.

Do not compromise on confidence, makeup simple will also work-
Gurmeet says- It is not necessary that the dress is good, only then the look of Garba comes. There is no need to buy expensive products for this. Have full confidence with simple and normal makeup and see that no one will look more beautiful than you.

The clothes were done, we also talked about make-up. You must have got some help. Now you must be thinking that what about jewellery? Tell us quickly so that we also get some ideas. Let us again come to the same point without delay.

3- Jewelry details

According to International Makeup Artist Pooja Shastri, mostly oxidised silver jewelery is used in Garba. Now some women are also wearing jewelery made of gold, pearl, flower and wool. If you have these and are matching the look, then think no, just wear them.

Wear oxidised, funky and silver jewelry without spending money, every dress will match

Gurmeet Kaur gave these jewelery tips for you, definitely try after reading

  • Exchange jewelry with friends.
  • Use mom’s jewellery.
  • The neckpiece can be made a hairband.
  • Do not wear bandi in Garbe’s look, there is a fear of falling while playing.
  • Complete your look with neckpiece and earrings.

Tajwar’s Jewelery Tips

  • The highneck is the top of the collar, so use the neckpiece as a hairband.
  • If you are wearing heavy neckpieces, then use light earrings.
  • If you have heavy earrings, keep the neckpiece light.
  • If there is no leather belt to put on the scarf, then tie it with the neckpiece.
  • Oxidize silver jewelery will match with any of your outfits.
  • You must put a big dot on it.

while going

Do you know the meaning of Garba? It means Garbh Deep. Garbh Deep is considered a symbol of the creative power of a woman’s womb. This power is worshiped in the form of Maa Durga. That’s why you must have seen that before the start of Garba, Durga Maa is invoked by lighting a lamp inside a pot with many holes. Women dance around this Garba.

Why is Garba performed with three tali?
Now this question must have come to the minds of some people that good this also happens. We never even noticed. Let us tell you that this happens and the reason for this is also our religion. Actually these 3 applause is dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. It is also believed that with the sound of these three applause, we call the mother among us.

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