Muzaffarabad, ANI. The people of Ghulam Kashmir (PoK) are facing skyrocketing prices of food items and gas. The people of Muzaffarabad say that their life has become hell. Rising inflation has spoiled the budget of marginalized people. Getting a single gas cylinder for more than Rs 2500.

Imran Khan’s government is facing nationwide protests over rising inflation and skyrocketing food prices. Apart from this, the opposition alliance Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) is taking out ‘Dearness’ march across the country to protest against inflation and hike in prices. PDM has criticized the Imran Khan government for rising inflation in the country. He has demanded mid-term elections from the people to get rid of the PTI government.

A resident of Muzaffarabad said, ‘Imran Khan had promised us employment, but we did not get anything. The life of common man has become difficult under his rule. The price of everything is rising, be it petrol or food items. Sugar, which was earlier Rs 110 a kg, is now available for Rs 140.

Let us tell you that Imran Khan had vowed to lift people out of poverty before taking power. He had promised to provide 10 million (one crore) jobs. Inflation rate in Pakistan is the fourth highest in the world. Unemployment is high in the country and wages are stagnant. Fuel and electricity prices are rising at an unprecedented rate.

On Monday, Federal Food Security and Research Minister Syed Fakhar Imam said that 40 percent of Pakistan’s population is malnourished. He said that China is becoming the largest economy and we should learn how China has made tremendous development. The Minister said that there is a need to increase agricultural productivity in view of population growth in Pakistan.

Edited By: Manish Pandey