Gau Maa again disappointed with the honorable people: In the 20 districts of the state where Lumpi wreaked havoc, not a single MLA was questioned.

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How will you save me? The dumb one won’t be able to ask, will you? 8 thousand questions of MLAs, only 15 put on Lumpi, among them permission to ask those 2, in whose area Lumpi is less
In the last 4 months, lumpi infection has killed more than 52 thousand cows in the state. But far from getting compensation to the cattle owners from the state or central government, there has been an ‘undeclared ban’ on asking questions about lumpi in the assembly. Further proceedings of the seventh session of the 15th Rajasthan Legislative Assembly are to begin from September 19 but the screening process of its Question Hour is in question. A total of 8032 questions have been raised by the MLAs for the seventh session so far but only 2 questions related to Lumpi have been selected. These questions are also chosen by those MLAs, in whose areas the effect of Lampi is negligible. In the 20 districts where Lumpi wreaked havoc, the question of not a single MLA has been taken up.

Question of Safiya-Aakya: What is the action plan of control in our district?
15 MLAs raised questions about Lampi, but in the session starting from September 19, the questions of Ramgarh (Alwar) MLA Safia Zubair, Chandrabhan Akya of Chittorgarh have been elected. They have asked that what is the action plan for lumpi control in their district? The outbreak of lumpi is negligible in both of these areas. Also took the question of Jhadol (Udaipur) MLA Babulal but put it in the account of another department. The question of any MLA from Marwar, Vagad, Nahari area, Jaipur, Hadoti, most affected by Lampi, will not be asked during the Question Hour.

Seventh Session: Answered 807 questions out of 8032
It is also a mistake that the Question and Reference Committee meets throughout the year and is responsible for getting answers to the questions of every MLA on time from the department. Despite this, out of 8032, only 807 questions have been answered so far. 90

Legislators have not received answers to percent of the questions.
Maximum 420 questions on law and order: The maximum 420 questions of the MLAs are related to the Home Department, which is related to the condition of the police stations, increasing crimes including rape. After this 318 questions have been asked from the water supply department.

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