Gaushala operators left cattle on the roads in Deesa: Angry over non-availability of 500 crore rupees announced by Gujarat government

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The Gujarat government in its annual budget for 2022-23 had announced a financial assistance of Rs 500 crore for the cowshed. But till date, even a single rupee has not been paid to the gaushala operators. Angered by this, the gaushala operators of tehsil of Banaskantha district left thousands of animals on the roads. The police had to put up barricades on the roads to prevent traffic jams.

Police guard outside government offices also.

ultimatum to state government
There is anger among the gaushala operators of the entire state due to lack of financial help. The operators have given an ultimatum of 24 hours to the state government. The operators say that if the amount is not allocated within 24 hours, then the cattle of the Gaushala and Shelter House of the entire state will be released on the highways and in the cities.

Education Minister Kirtisinh Vaghela's car stuck in a crowd of Gosevaks.

Siege of education minister’s convoy
At the same time, in Deesa, the Gosevaks attacked the convoy of Education Minister Kirtisingh Vaghela. Vaghela’s car remained on the road for 10 minutes. Amidst the fury of the Gosevaks, the police got their convoy freed from the crowd after a lot of effort.

Deployment of police on the streets of Deesa.

Barricades erected to stop animals
As soon as the police administration got information about the release of cattle from the cowshed and shelter house, police force was deployed by putting up barricades on the borders with Deesa. So that the animals could be prevented from entering the cities. However, before this, hundreds of cattle herds entered many cities. This caused panic in many places in the district.

The operators of Banaskantha threatened to leave all the cattle.

80,000 cattle in 160 cowsheds
If we talk about Banaskantha district in Gujarat, then there are more than 80,000 cattle in total 160 cow shelters. If such a large number of cattle arrive in the cities, then the situation will get worse. Due to this fear, the administration has come on alert mode. However, till now no statement has come from the state government regarding this.

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