Girl molested in front of fiancé, VIDEO: Two gangsters caught and forced her, the victim kept pleading; The young man kept pleading by holding his feet

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In Prayagraj, a case of molestation of a girl has come to the fore in front of the fiancé. Here 2 domineering youths stopped the girl and her fiancé. Then he forced the girl. During this, the victim kept pleading with the accused to release her. She kept saying talk to Papa, I am engaged. The fiancé also kept pleading by holding the feet of the bullies.

The video of the incident that happened on Wednesday has also surfaced. The video is of 1.09 seconds. It is seen in this that a young man is doing obscene acts with the girl at a secluded place. A young man is holding the leg of the accused and pleading for release.

The girl kept pleading to leave the bullies, but the heart of the accused did not sweat.

“If you don’t leave your feet, then you will die”
The girl is also begging to be left crying. The accused is also trying to snatch the dupatta of the girl. But, the young woman repeatedly tries to hide her face with the dupatta. One of his friends is making a video. He is also talking about leaving his feet and showing his face. But when the accused said that he did not leave his feet, then Marbo Karab. Then out of fear, the young man leaves the leg of the accused.

The young woman tells the bullies,

SSP said – strict action will be taken against the accused
The girl is a resident of Mauaima. She is engaged to a young man from Soraon. It is being told that the young man had come to Mauaima to meet his fiancé. Then the accused apprehend the young man and the girl. He molested the girl.

In the matter, SSP Prayagraj Shailesh Kumar Pandey said, a case has been registered on Tahrir. The names of the three are Wasim, Jikia and Masook. Police is being raided in search of them.

The accused has arrested the young man.  His fiancée is pleading to release by holding the leg of the accused.

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