New Delhi, Tech Desk. Twitter is finally rolling out the Edit Tweet feature for users and this option is available on the micro-blogging platform. But this feature is currently only for select users. It looks like Twitter is testing this feature before publicly rolling it out, which may be available to people in the coming weeks or months.

Information about this update has been received from a tipster named Mukul Sharma. He said that this edit feature is currently being tested for specific cases. For example, when a user tweets something objectionable on the platform, it can be edited. A screenshot of the edit option being tested has also been found in Mukul’s post. Users can see it at the bottom of tweets when the content is offensive, harmful or objectionable. Opting to edit the content of the tweet instead of deleting it will impress people a lot.

Twitter has also confirmed that it is bringing the edit feature to the platform soon, but we didn’t get any timeline from the company. A report revealed that it is being tested with a select group and the feature is being rolled out gradually. We’ve seen the edit feature before with an edit history drop-down box, which gives you a timeline of changes a user has made to tweets. Even Elon Musk is waiting for the edit feature like millions of people using the platform. Now we can just wait when this edit button feature is rolled out publicly.

Let us tell you that Twitter is also testing its Like feature and people can use it to like any post. In addition, the platform may also add a Dislike / Downvote button, which will be a new addition to the heart button of the tweet. might change.

Edited By: Ankita Pandey