Goods train divided into two parts near Sendra: Railway administration’s breathless, Daulatpur-Sabarmati train stopped till completion of operation

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A goods train going from Ajmer to Gujarat got split in two near Sendra railway station of Pali. Some coaches of the goods train were going behind the engine and some coaches were going in the other direction. Fortunately, the brakes were applied after some distance due to the automatic system being installed. Due to the incident, two trains were stopped at another station.

Goods train container standing near Sendra station.  When the clip broke, it separated from the engine.

The incident happened on Thursday morning. When a goods train from Ajmer left for Mundra port Gujarat. She was going towards Sendra via Beawar railway station. Meanwhile, the goods train between Amarpura-Sendda was divided into two parts. The 13 wagons moved towards Sendada with the powered engines. The rest of the wagons separated from the train and started going back towards Beawar. Due to the automatic system in the wagon of the goods train, the wagon brakes applied as soon as the pressure was released.

Goods train container standing near Sendra railway station in Pali district.

Trains stopped on Beawar-Marwar track
Here, on reaching Sendda, the railway administration got information that there are no half wagons of the goods train. On this the operation of trains on Beawar-Marwar track was stopped. Daulatpur – Sabarmati (19412) Intercity Express was stopped at Beawar for 60 minutes and then at Amarpura for 25 minutes. The information about the incident was received at eight o’clock in the morning. It took around two hours to take the wagon back to the goods train and clear the track. After the information of two parts, an engine from the railway side and Beawar and a team of some technical staff were dispatched to the spot. The parted goods train standing in the middle of the way was connected to the engine and taken to Sendra by piloting. It is being told that the incident happened due to the heavy weight of the containers loaded on the goods train or due to loose connectivity or joint.

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