Google asks app developers about the purpose of collecting data

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Internet giant Google has sought clarification from app developers on the purpose of collecting user-related data and whether it is being shared with third parties.

Google said in a blog on Tuesday that users will be able to see a data protection section on its app platform Google Play starting April 27. App developers will have to provide information about their respective apps for data collection by July 20 by going to this section.

Google said that based on feedback from the developers of the apps and the users who use them, it has been found that without additional context, it is not enough to show the amount of data an app collects.

Google said that users want to know for what purpose app developers are taking their data and whether this information is being shared with third parties. App developers have been asked to clarify the situation in this regard.

According to Google, keeping these concerns and apprehensions in mind, the security section on data has been prepared. In this, app developers can clearly state what kind of data is being collected and for what purpose it is being used.

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