Google is working on this special feature for its users, now only a few people will get the facility

TechnologyGoogle is working on this special feature for its users, now only...
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These days the search engine Google is working on a special feature for its users. Soon Google will give WhatsApp-like facility to users on its messaging app. For this, Google is testing end-to-end encrypted (Reach Communication Services) Group Chat. This feature will be available to users in a few weeks. Although it will be available to only a few users under the beta program. The company says that this feature can be rolled out to some users of the ‘Messages’ app, who are on its beta program.

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According to a report, search engine Google initially started testing end-to-end encryption for individual chats in 2020 and later made the feature available to all users of the app in June. Google’s messaging service is based on Rich Communication Services, also known as RCS, an enhanced version of the SMS service with additional features such as typing indicators and ‘read’ marks.

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According to the report, Google has tried to convince manufacturers and carriers, and even tech giants like Apple, to allow iPhone users to share high-quality multimedia content through Android.

In a blog post on Google it was written, ‘ All major mobile companies except Apple have adopted RCS as a standard. However Apple declined to adopt RCS and continued to rely on SMS. But when an iPhone user sends a message to an Android user, he can send the message only on the old format of the 1990s.

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According to media reports, using the Google feature, users will also be able to text each other in encrypted format. Their chats are said to be private and secure, only between the sender and the receiver of the message. However, let us tell you that WhatsApp is already providing end-to-end encrypted feature to the users. Even on WhatsApp, no one other than the sender and the recipient of the message can read the chats of the users.

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