Beijing, ANI. There are two sides to every coin, news of discrimination against men and women comes from many places in the society. One such anecdote has emerged from China, where a claim of China has been proved wrong. The country’s assertion that there is no gender-based discrimination in the workplace and providing equal opportunities to all has been misinformed. Let us tell you that it took almost a month for two government-controlled media sites to reject Beijing’s annual work report in March 2022. The US-China Economic and Security Review Commission said in a report that women’s representation and voice in the top sectors of China’s political system remains limited to this day.

what do the figures say

According to UN 2021 data, China’s total population comprises approximately 7038 million women and 74.04 million men, of which about 48.7 percent of the population represents workplaces, while senior leadership positions in China hold only less than 8 percent. are women.

Controversial post of Chinese Communist Youth League

Let us tell you that on 12 April 2022 this year, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League had issued such a tweet on its social media account, after which there was a big controversy, in which, according to Inside Over, some women social media users were referred to the Communist Party. The youth wing was fiercely opposed to publicity of various historical events and questioning the photo choices and the tweet was labeled ‘radical feminist’. At the same time, the public has reacted negatively to the claims and controversial posts made by the Chinese Communist Youth League. Such was the public outrage over the post that the Chinese Communist Youth League removed the comments on their social media accounts after receiving more than 270,000 negative responses.

In contrast, problematic social media posts praised women’s contributions to major historical events. Inside Over reported, ‘In 2016, the People’s Liberation Army Daily, the Chinese military’s media publication, honored more than 2,000 female soldiers who fought in the Red Army. The Chinese media praised women for playing an important role in the Chinese central government in 2009. Just a week after the public relations catastrophe of the Chinese Communist Youth League, the official media outlet of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Daily (CPPCC Daily), China’s official political advisory body, issued an even more controversial post.

Edited By: Ashish Rajput