Government should give 200-250 rupees bonus to wheat farmers, loss due to export ban, Yogendra Yadav told NDTV

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There is still an opportunity for the government, especially in the states of Haryana, Punjab, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh of North India, where there is severe heat, under the National Disaster Fund, compensation of Rs. 5 thousand per acre to the farmers. be given.

New Delhi:

The Government of India has banned the export of wheat, only approved the export of wheat stuck at the ports waiting for the approval of the customs department. Will go. On the issue of ban on export of wheat, farmer leader Yogendra Yadav said that it is quite clear that farmers will suffer. The agricultural import export policy in this country runs only for the profit of the traders. But those who are productive farmers, there is no policy for them. Now see what the sample is. This which was presented to the world in India. We used to say in front of the country earlier that Ukraine was a special occasion because of the war, because Ukraine gives too much wheat to the world. This time it is not in a position to give. Initially it seemed that our wheat crop would be very good, so you had the opportunity, there can be no doubt about it. Now if the government thinks about the farmer, then the farmer should also get four paise from it. The government did not give more than a single penny to the farmer in the purchase of wheat.

However, the price internationally was very high. But in the middle it was found that this time the wheat crop is weak. A month before today, all the agricultural experts of the country were saying that this international situation would be taken advantage of. But the farmer has suffered a huge loss this time, because in the month of March and in the month of April there was a severe heat that the grain became small. Yield decreased. But do not worry whether the government was beating the whole world or not. We have so much wheat that we will export and give it to the world. The Prime Minister was going and saying that we are capable of filling the stomach of the whole world. All these things are happening while the reality is something else. Now what will be its effect? The farmer who was sitting here with a hold that this time it seems that he will get good work. His name was completely down. The real thing would be that the farmer who thought that there would be a good yield.

But the one whose yield was reduced completely, he did not get a single paisa compensation. Here the question arises that what should the AAP government do because now the government does not have wheat in FCI. The amount he used to buy is the lowest compared to the last eight years. If you ask what the government should have done a month and a half ago, I can tell many things. What should I do today, I can tell only two things. Wheat is still left with many farmers and the government has decided yesterday itself that let us continue with the purchase of wheat. But can’t we give a bonus of Rs 200-250 per quintal to the farmer for that? Even today, as much wheat is lying in the farmers’ house. Farmers have stopped it..all the wheat will come, FCI will have enough stock if bonus is given.

FCI procured 44 crore quintons last year. This year only 18 crore purchases. 190 million tonnes are in their stock, whichever is less, now with FCI. But my question is that this time the private player also bought a lot. People were told that the farmer did not go to the government market with wheat, that’s what the game happened. The price was going high in the international market. Inside India was 2015 Rs. Politics was done with the farmer. Very good work was being done in the international market, so more than Rs 2700-2800 per quintal, did the private player buy a lot, stock it, but the government kept watching comfortably that let people give it to the private are. We don’t have it for purchase. Whereas what should have been done is that the government should have gone ahead and said that we will give Rs 100 more. We will give a bonus of Rs 150, we will buy that government missed the opportunity of purchase. Because of that this crisis has arisen.

Therefore, there is still an opportunity for the government, especially in Haryana, Punjab, Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh of North India, where there is severe heat, under the National Disaster Fund, 5 thousand rupees per acre will be given to the farmers. be compensated. It has a legal system. The legal system using which compensation is given to the farmers may still have something to do with the farmers. If everything will be fine for the farmer from the market, then what will be its effect for the consumer? If the flour becomes expensive, then from where will the poor man eat bread. Flour has become expensive. That is why the government has now taken such steps. Whereas the government wants as much wheat. She could buy that much.


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