New Delhi, Jnn. Superstar Govinda has not appeared in any film for a long time. But recently a music album of his was released. The single track song titled ‘Hello’ has been sung by Govinda himself. This song is becoming quite viral on social media, not because people are liking it. Rather because Govinda is being trolled a lot for the song. People are commenting in such a way that the superstar had to close the comment section of his YouTube channel after getting tired. Seeing such condition of maternal uncle, now nephew Krishna Abhishek has come out in his support.

There is a tussle going on between Govinda and Krishna for the last many years. Their fight among themselves has now come openly in front of the people, despite this, Krishna stopped speaking to the trolls on Mama’s support. Krishna said during an interview with Bollywood Life that, ‘For me, he will always be the hero number 1’.

Actually, Govinda has recently released a new song on his YouTube channel ‘Govinda Royals’. Fans did not like this song of the actor at all. He says that in this song, Govinda is seen in his old ie 90s style. People started trolling Govinda for this song.

Someone wrote, ‘If you are such a big star, then why don’t you retire with respect’. At the same time, a user wrote, ‘The era of all this is over. Sir we are living in 2022 not in 90. Wake up. Such comments are constantly coming on Govinda’s songs, due to which the actor had to close his comment section.

Let’s say that this fight got deeper when last year Govinda came as a guest on The Kapil Sharma Show. Krishna was missing from this episode, after which the war of words started. Kashmira Shah and Sunita Ahuja scolded each other fiercely, which served as ghee in this fight.

Edited By: Ruchi Vajpayee