Granthshala Khas: Earlier there were two clubs, at one time more than 6 clubs were formed, once closed, after independence, veterans revived Ramlila

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The history of Ramlila in the city dates back to India’s independence from the British, but due to some reasons that Ramlila stopped sometime before independence. Which was revived again in 1948 after getting independence. Kush Garg, the head of Luv Kush Theatrical Club and who played the role of Dashrath for many years, says that he has spent time among the actors of Ramlila since childhood.

Because not only the elders of his family were active in Ramlila but friends of the neighborhood and family members were also involved in it. Due to which we got to know about the history of Ramlila through his conversation.

The club was formed in the year 48

According to him, Rama Theatrical Club was formed in 1948 by Ladwa veterans Dr. Vishnu Sharma, Babu Ramesh Gupta Khedi Wale, former MLA Omprakash Garg, Babu Dharamchand Gupta, Lala Amarnath and their associates. By this, Ramlila was started in the main market square of the city.

Which was popular in the whole area in the name of Badi Ramlila. Recalling the old days, he told that the actors used to rehearse the whole day. The actors of that time used to present live scenes with their acting.

new club

He told that Ladwa has a history that some artists came out of one Ramlila club to form another Ramlila club, similarly some artists came out of Rama Theatrical Club and formed Mahavir Theatrical Club under the leadership of Babu Ram Sharma. Started performing Ramlila outside Sheeshmahal which later started outside Athvadia temple. Which people knew by the name of Choti Ramlila.

There was a time when both Badi Ramlila and Chhoti Ramlila used to be face to face in the main market. Rakesh Garg Babli, the former head of Adarsh ​​Dramatic Club, said that in the chain from one club to another, out of these clubs, Adarsh ​​Theatrical Club, Ganesh Theatrical Club, Laxmanayati Ramlila Club, Mast Club and Natraj Kala Manch were formed.

Became Kaushalya in 14 years, then Ram

Amit Singhal, who played the character of Ram for many years in Luv Kush Theatrical Club, recalled his Ramlila days and said that in the year 1998 when some artists started Jai Bharat Kala Manch after leaving Lakshmanayati Club, Lala Jamna Das Mandir I used to go to see rehearsals. From there he developed interest in staging Ramlila and was first made to act as Shatrughan by director Ramesh Kumar Pahwa.

The next year itself, at the age of only 14, he played the best role of Kaushalya. After that, after playing Bharat, Angad and other characters, when some artists from Jai Bharat Kala Manch formed Luv Kush Theatrical Club, they started playing the role of Ram there.

Now two clubs, both silent

From Ramlila, not only the artists who perform Ramlila get spiritual knowledge, but the coming generations also get knowledge of their civilization and culture. Which now remains incomplete due to lack of Ramlila anywhere in the city. Now due to Corona, there is no enthusiasm of Dussehra festival among the people of the area due to the absence of Ravana combustion.

Appealing to all the artists and officials who performed Ramlila of the area, he said that everyone must come together and try to organize such a program. Now two clubs are active, but this time both are not doing Ram Leela.


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