Granthshala Khas: The President of the College of Cambridge University is telling the girls the importance of becoming mothers at the right time, for this special lessons have been prepared.

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‘Girls are taught from the beginning that they have to do well in school. You have to get big degrees. But no one says that family and children are important on time…” says Dorothy Byrne, the new president of the Moore Edwards Women’s College at Cambridge University.

Baryan, who has been the head of Channel 4 News, has prepared fertility lessons for girl students, she wants girls to take the decision of becoming a mother at the right time. She herself describes the pitfalls of late motherhood through her own experience of achieving motherhood at the age of 45. The birth rate is decreasing in Britain, so she is making girls aware. Read about his initiative…

Better if you decide to become a mother by the age of 30, after that fertility starts decreasing: Bayern

I was 45 when I gave birth to my daughter. Only a woman like me can understand how difficult it can be to give birth to a child through IVF being a single woman. Today I am on the verge of age. But my daughter is just 24 years old. I am telling all this because taking the decision of becoming a mother late can be so troublesome for the woman and also for her children.

In fact, girls are taught the same thing from the beginning that they have to look good, read better. The family expected the same from me. Then I did not pay attention to my family life for TV career. It was not known that the age of becoming a mother was passing. Didn’t even know when to start a family. She didn’t want to take the risk of getting pregnant at a young age to have a successful career. Many women think the same way.

But doctors and research say that after 35 years the fertility of women starts decreasing. At the age of 40, egg formation becomes very less. Even if this condition is rectified through medicines, their quality remains low. Keeping these facts in mind, I have designed special lessons for girl students. So that they can understand its importance. Through this, I tell them about the dangers and troubles of becoming a mother after the age of 35.

I have understood this problem deeply from many experts. On this basis, I say that girls should start thinking about this from the age of 25. By the age of 35, the chances of becoming a mother drop to 15% and by 40, it is only one or two percent. There is also a problem in coordinating with the children in late motherhood. Becoming a mother is an important part of any woman’s life. I don’t want to make mistakes like delaying or forgetting about responsibilities and expectations. – Dorothy Baron

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